Choir Camp 2016

IMG_1663I almost didn’t go this year, but am glad I did…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 8

IMG_1188Behind schedule now, I’m pausing less to take pictures to focus on the task at hand. Read on & I’ll catch you up on the last month of progress…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 7

IMG_1153While related to the bathroom project, this post strays a bit…

Read on as I get new windows and several other nice upgrades!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 6

IMG_0991In this installment, I do battle with some cast iron pipe, finish most of the electrical, and tear into another wall!

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Summer is here again…

IMG_0864Join me this installment, where do some fishing, and try out a new watersport… kayaking!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 5

IMG_0944I recover from the setback, and come up with a new plan for the bathroom!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 4


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Spring Fishing & Birthday

IMG_0412Ah, it’s spring time and the ponds are starting to turn with fish, ripe for the catching! (Thanks to ODF&W) In our family, this is one of our main spring past times, as there are still patches of snow that impede access to other locations. It also means a birthday for a certain someone…

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Reclaimed Countertops

IMG_0604The only thing worse than my retro metal cabinetry, are the original countertops. An opportunity allowed me to be rid of the cracked plastic and rust, for something a bit more upscale…

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Camper Recovery 2016

IMG_20160520_112641134Long-time readers may remember the mechanical disasters from last year’s summer vacation. In this post, I return, to repair & retrieve my crippled camper. Boy was I in for a surprise!

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