Wenaha Muzzleloader Rendezvous 2019 – Part 2

Part 2 starts on Saturday, when the kids start competing for their own bragging rights. Continue reading


Wenaha Muzzleloader Rendezvous 2019 – Part 1

Join us again for our first camping trip of the season, the Rendezvous! Continue reading

Spring Preparations

Summer is coming, are you ready? Time for another installment on all the projects that keep me productive… Continue reading

Bye-Bye Bruiser

In this post, I chronicle the reasons & strategies as I trade-up my truck! The plan: teach the teenager, payoff a truck, & prepare our budget for an upgrade. Continue reading

EagleCapExtreme Sled Dog Race 2019 – part 3

IMG_20190125_140532065_HDR.jpgPart 3 covers the finish, tear down, and an unexpected surprise… Continue reading

EagleCapExtreme Sled Dog Race 2019 – part 2

img_7632Let the race begin! Continue reading

EagleCapExtreme Sled Dog Race 2019 – part 1

Race time, let the preparation begin! Continue reading

Hello Havre!

Join me for a road trip to the ‘Big Sky’ state of Montana, to visit my brother!

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Birthday in Boise

20180921_155142My little girl is nearly an adult now, so this weekend I transformed from the “silly” little-kid dad, into the “cool” teenager dad…

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Adventure in Imnaha

20180818_155646Join us for a risky day on the river!

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