Dating & Kids: Joining Households – Part 2

Are your families ready to merge? Read on to see how we approached the subject and process of moving in together… Continue reading

Dating & Kids: Joining Households – Part 1

How soon is too soon? How long do you wait? Should other steps come first?
While each couple must answer for themselves, here are some indicators that worked for us… Continue reading

Camper PT– back on its feet

IMG_0691With the jacks tearing out, the truck breaking down, and the bathroom project, my poor camper has been neglected. It was time for the camper to get some love too…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 10

IMG_2247In this installment, things start to take shape when bathroom #1 becomes fully operational!

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I can hear California now! (Ham Radio Upgrades)

IMG_2273Readers from a year ago may remember that I temporarily hung my first HF antenna from the eave of my house. In this installment, I take my setup to the next level… (Don’t worry, it’s not technical…)

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 9

IMG_1745I once heard someone call code enforcement “the department of making people sad.” My experience certainly resulted in some negative emotion. Read on to find out how it went…

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Choir Camp 2016

IMG_1663I almost didn’t go this year, but am glad I did…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 8

IMG_1188Behind schedule now, I’m pausing less to take pictures to focus on the task at hand. Read on & I’ll catch you up on the last month of progress…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 7

IMG_1153While related to the bathroom project, this post strays a bit…

Read on as I get new windows and several other nice upgrades!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 6

IMG_0991In this installment, I do battle with some cast iron pipe, finish most of the electrical, and tear into another wall!

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