MoodyBlue–first steps…


After assessing its situation, things are bleak. The engine is rusted out and seized. After doing some research, for the cost of replacing just the heat exchangers (a boat’s radiator) one can get a running salvage engine from a boat yard. The wife and I determined that until it was running, there’d be no sense in doing other work on the cosmetics.

My Dad found us an engine…

My Dad had found a boat with the same Ford 302 that Moody Blue had. It ran when it was put in storage for 5 years, and he was after the trailer. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity like this, I promptly made a trip. After cutting it out of the boat, we strapped it in my ‘98 Dodge Dakota, and brought it home! IMG_4746

Shortly after unloading it, I started taking a look, and realized its heat exchangers were also rusted out, along with many bolts, and other parts required to even dismantle the engine. Darn, another one bites the dust… That engine and out drive was stripped, drained, and sent off for recycling…

I’ve picked up a few accessories since then, for the day when I can afford a new engine…


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