Wind knocks over Camper

IMG_6459Apparently, lowering 18” off the ground next to my house is no guarantees, “Read More” for the damage report…
IMG_6464In Wallowa County, we get some SERIOUS wind. No wonder there’s a road called ‘Hurricane Creek.’ IMG_6460Unfortunately, I had just mounted my AC/DC converter, and my tool box was left open inside, along with a tray of screws, there was going to be quite a mess, even IF everything was intact.

While I tried a come-a-long and a 4” ratchet strap, I was only able to get it to a tipping point. A little tug from my truck, and it was back on all 4’s…

I was lucky, though. No broken windows or structural damage, merely a dent, some bent jacks and a busted tail light!


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