Camper Inspection, Install Converter


As the excitement wears off, I learn a lot about my 1968 camper. It was made by “Westernaire” in Salem, Oregon. (Can’t find ANY information about them.) It has all propane stove, lantern, and catalytic heater. I’m totally fine with the fridge being an icebox, a few lights not working, and the lack of a toilet, but there was something else I wasn’t expecting…

What? There’s NO BATTERY? Don’t panic, this is something I can handIMG_6447le, I am a ‘techie’ after all….

First order was to have my son help me repair lights. A few bad connections and loose wires and we’re back in business. Test all the propane lines for leaks, vacuum out and light the heater, and checkout all the nooks and crannies, measuring for possible battery placement.

IMG_6443After looking around on-line, I knew I needed a converter/charger that would charge/maintain my battery and provide DC power to all the lights. They typically aren’t cheap. Of course, if you find someone who buys up the inventory when an RV place goes out of business, you can get a brand new one for about 40% off, so I did. IMG_6449

Under my icebox, there’s a cabinet where the A/C power comes in. It’s large enough for a battery, and was used to store the portable grey water tank. With assistance from my little helper, It’s now mounted conveniently in the door.

My next step is to wire it up!

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