Fire Starters

IMG_6523This weekend’s arts and crafts project: fire starters!

First of all, I have to do a big shout-out to

This site is amazing! I’ve bookmarked at least a dozen things I want to do. My first project was these firestarters.

I’ve been saving up lint from my dryer in an old tin can. I removed the flint and placed the can in boiling water to melt some parafin wax.

Alex cut up an egg carton. The three of us filled each cup with lint, folding over the corners to make a nice little ignitable package. The instructions said to tie them with dental floss and lower them into the wax. Well, if you ever tried to tie spring-loaded egg carton cups with waxxed dental floss, you’d know it’s easier to baptize a cat.

I eventually skewered them with bamboo ka-bob shoots and dipping them. When cooled, you’ve got an instant flame that’ll last a good 15 minutes! I’ll throw these in the camper in lieu of a ton of messing starting materials.

Happy Trails!


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