Change, it’s inevitable… almost.

Why are so many hesitant to change? Heck some fight every change like they’re battling a wildfire… Here’s some recent examples from my life…

I guess working in the ‘tech’ field, I’ve come accustomed to change, it’s a required skillset in my line of work. In fact, I like an ever-changing atmosphere, I’d go crazy if I was stuck doing the exact same thing every day for years on end, but I guess that’s just me.

imageI spoke with a colleague today and shared some of my experience switching to our (Open source) Voice-Over-IP phone system (VOIP). I was “preaching to the choir” in this case, but he mentioned that his users were adamantly against any ‘radical change.’ Hmm… let me think on this one… It’s a phone, you pick it up, you dial, you speak, end of story. How many people care how the plumbing works, or how the toilet looks, so long as it does? Let me think on some other major changes…

Eiffel tower? Ew, ugly, a blight on the landscape…

Internet? Too dangerous, not enough control, it’s the end of the ______ industry.

Texting? Why would anyone want to do that?

One God? You’ve got to be kidding me… and he sent his son to earth to teach us how to live our lives? Gimme a break!! (Sense the sarcasm yet?)image

imageI’m having a hard time finding changes that are negative, maybe that’s me being an optimist, which I’ve never been accused of. Sure, bad stuff happens, but change (in itself) is NOT evil. It’s my strong feeling that the FEAR of change is. Fear is a tool of evil, used by dictators and those able to exploit their power to the detriment of others, don’t much care for the stuff.

That said, dealing in ‘change’ for a living, I find that it’s best in BIG doses. What?! You say… big doses? Yup!

People more easily adapt to changes made all at once. I could change stuff all the time, but I don’t. Working for schools, I implement things over a ‘break.’ Winter, summer, spring, thanksgiving…. When people are naturally expecting a transition to something new, it’s easier for them to accept. Even then, it takes YEARS for people to get comfortable with something, which sometimes makes it hard for me. “Wow, I just did *blah* with *blah* and my life is so much easier!”

“Really?” I think, “We’ve had *blah* for 5-7 years now…” (Yes, you’ve had the ability to share your calendar with others for almost 7 YEARS, you’ve had the tools to design online courses and supplementary materials, you just didn’t have the time or want to learn about it.)

It’s frustrating sometimes. Anyway, I would encourage all of you who read this to embrace change, prepare for it, it’s going to happen!

-Live long and prosper.



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