Getting Lost… In Minecraft

imageOk, been sick for a few days. After catching up on dishes and groceries, I figured I’d let you in on some of my therapy. (Sans a pitcher of orange juice) I felt worse if I exerted myself, and my mind was incapable of higher-level thinking, so how does one find high-quality entertainment that doesn’t require either ability? Enter Minecraft….



My brother first introduced it to me as “like… 3D legos,” and I haven’t come up with a better description. In addition to building anything your imagination can conjure, you have to survive zombies, skeletons, and creepers… Don’t worry, the graphics are so simple, nothing gets gross.

You collect resources which you can use to ‘craft’ tools, weapons, toys, etc. Okay, sure, it’s fun to explore and create a world, but not near as fun as sharing it with friends. Farmville? Cityville? Island something, whateverville? You can make your own with your friends.

Anyway, I created a ‘world’ and hosted it on my computer. I don’t leave it on 24x7x365, though, much to my friends dismay. I gave my ‘world’ to a friend to host on his server, so we could all jump in whenever it suited our schedule. (Cool) Being sick, I figured I’d give it some long overdue attention.

imageI soon realized I was tired of working on my castle (pictured top-right) so I thought I’d go on an adventure. I walked to the nearest shoreline, built a boat, and traveled the sea, taking in all manner of sights. When I was through exploring, I thought I’d just abuse my ‘admin’ powers and teleport back to the ‘spawn point.’ (This is where you wake after you die, which is typically your home base.)

Hmm, that’s odd, all my ‘admin’ powers are useless! Ok, don’t panic, I’ll just craft a compass that points back to that point, all I need is some ingredients. I diligently build a little fortress (to protect myself from those minions that come out at night) and start digging for the elusive ‘red stone.’

Ok, I’ve built a compass, so I load up on supplies and head off in the direction it is pointing, this time leaving a bread crumb trail of lit torches behind me… After walking ALL day (10 minutes or so) I finally come to a spot where the needle says is ‘home.’ It isn’t. In fact, it didn’t even pass ANYthing even resembling something NEAR home! Grrrr….

OK… DON’T…. PANIC…image

I retrace my clever trail of torches back to my little fortress. Ok, I’ve ventured southwest-ish, so now I’ll venture due east with another trail of torches….. After lots of walking, the terrain turns to a thick, hilly forest. This makes seeing the torches difficult. I’m no where near anything I care about, so I just light the forest on fire… ooohhhh….. aaaaahhhhh…… (hmm, we should be able to craft marshmallows…)

Anyway, I keep going until I start getting bumped from the server. Reconnect, walk a few steps, BARF, repeat. Man, now I’ve made the server sick! Time to call for backup. I text my friend who owns the server and ask him to assist when he gets a chance, meanwhile I google the errors I’m getting. After a few texts, I explain my predicament, and he gives me FULL remote access to the server. (Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar!) Great! Now I can see what’s going on, and give myself ‘admin’ powers again…

Ok, server… “teleport home” (That’s /tp home for you other MC’ers)

“Can’t find User Home.”  WHAT?! Many things are coursing through my mind now, none of which are appropriate for posting on my blog Winking smile 

That’s it! Oh, it’s ON now! I try hacking the ‘world’ but the tools are useless on my friends’ fancy server, most were made to work on home computers… so I pack up and download a copy of the ‘world’ to play with on my computer. A few hacks later, and whallah! A map of the world, haha! Now I’ll find out where I am! The world generates new terrain as you travel. As you’ll see below, I was venturing in all the wrong directions! This map was rendered at night, so each bright/yellow spot is a light, torch, or lava.


Wow, I’ve rambled on long enough. If you’re curious about Minecraft, I’d encourage you to see some of the videos from YouTube or go to . The single player is free, and you have to pay for the multiplayer, but it’s pretty cheap.

Until next time…. Craft on!


One response to “Getting Lost… In Minecraft

  1. It was fun to read your post on Minecraft. My son is an avid Minecraft player, but he prefers to describe the ‘tech’ side of it to me more than the story/experience side. Thanks for helping me understand him a little more!

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