Jack Bracket, Part II

IMG_6544Well, here’s the bit of progress I made today… It was hard to get far, what with meals, card games, building a Lego starship, and generally goofing off with the kids. Heck, if you throw in chores, the DIY was only a small blip on today’s schedule, but it’s not really my top priority Winking smile

I hammered the siding flat where I could, scraped off all the old silicone, scrubbed it with a jumbo SOS pad, and re-applied silicone in all the old holes. My first real hurdle was the trim. The old stuff was not worth keeping, so I cut it with tin-snips where it was still in decent shape. The question was, “What to replace it with?” I had a thought (dangerous, I know) that let me to the hardware store again.

I picked up some self-tapping metal screws, a tube of silicone, hose clamp, and one of those entryway carpet flanges. Cheap, bright shiny aluminum that’s just the right width and already semi-bent. After getting it home, I realized it wasn’t thin and 43 years old like the other stuff, and wasn’t going to cut or bend without a fight. (A vice and hammer fixed that.) In fact, I’m fairly certain this carpet stripping was about as strong as my previous brackets, which explains their utter failure.IMG_6545

Yes, Dad, I super-goop’d it with silicone before attaching it. I also slid it up under the old stuff, so water could run onto (not into) the new stuff. Yes, the old stuff is re-sealed, too. Hey, I got a whole tube, right?

Now comes the bright-white new bracket that was engineered for the new monstrous campers that have showers, slide-outs, and electric self-leveling jacks. Somewhere there must be someone shuddering at the thought of them on my circa 1968 special. It uses lag bolts meant for the the steel tube frame and wood. As I wasn’t using the old holes (as half are full of OLD bolts) I needed to drill pilot holes. Now where did I put that drill bit set?

After wasting an unusual amount of time looking for it, I used a loose drill bit I had laying around. It was the perfect size, but not designed for drilling metal. One hole is all I got out of it, but I confirmed that the frame is HARD. I’ll pickup a bit this week to finish the job, but it looks much better all ready.

Until next time, just call me the guy that sometimes puts too much into too little Winking smile




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