Making Fun… out of boredom

IMG_6546As often is the case, I’m at home, with my kids, and they’re bored. One fact that I’m intimately familiar with, is that a child’s imagination is more active with less stimulus. Thus, if you leave a kid bored long enough, they’ll find something entertaining, and not wish to stop. (My fondest childhood memories came from pure boredom, BB + empty parking lot= hours of fun.) Today, I joined the kids in their not-so-boredom…


Other than equipping my son for imaginary battle, I decided that the lego scene needed a fresh perspective. Sure, the kids have fun with knights, kings, queens, etc… but it gets repetitive after a while. I decided to build a starship.

Okay, not just any starship. It had to be able to actually DO stuff. Anything can fly, have guns, rockets, etc. I decided to go Firefly-style and build a cargo ship. It had to have room to move several things, so the kids could ‘transport’ their knights, horses, jeeps, etc. to other planets!IMG_6549

Sure, it’s got dual hyper-space engines on the wings, with a cockpit and airlock, but the true secret to a cargo ship’s imagination-generation engine is ACCESS. So we’ve got a rear door that opens for loading/unloading (or even airborne emergencies) but we’ve also got an opening roof, so the kids can get full access to the inside.IMG_6548

Top it off with crew space, instrument panels, and a little buggy, and we’ve got the makings of a real fun time. Heck, I might even select a few selective age-appropriate Firefly episodes that we can watch!


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