Advice from Gandhi

As I looked at Gandhi’s “7 Deadly Sins” I found myself identifying very precisely with the principals they represent:

  • Wealth Without Work
  • Pleasure w/o Conscience
  • Knowledge w/o Character
  • Commerce w/o Morality
  • Science w/o Humanity
  • Religion w/o Sacrifice
  • Politics w/o Principal

I look at them in an opposite fashion, to be sure to include the second with the first. Make sure that you include Humanity in your pursuit of science, be Moral in your Commerce, etc. Also, I noticed that these terms are all relative based on a perspective. What’s “moral” or “humane” depends on the viewpoint of each person. Overall, it’s a great read that helped me. Here’s a link for those who wish to explore further…

Seven Deadly Sins as per Mahatma Gandhi

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