The Great Camper Migration

IMG_6554Well, after much toil and adjustments, the great camper migration is over. An RV without its own wheels is not (by itself) very nomadic, so it was delicate process. Even despite its weak legs, we were able to coax it to it’s final resting place: about 4 feet clockwise Winking smile

This all started (as many of you know) by the camper tipping over from a wind gust while I was at work. Upon getting it back on its bent feet, it was pointed squarely at my yard shed. Consequently, this would make it very difficult to back my truck under it. I had to rotate it clockwise a good 45 degrees or so, if I ever hoped to get my truck under it again. After sharing a nice steak and baked potato dinner with a friend, the journey began…

The theory was to let the bulk of the weight rest on 2 fully-inflated pickup tires, rest the front on a wheeled jack, and slowly twist it. Simple concept, complex execution. You see, balancing a ton or more on a 2” round foot is not exactly an easy task. IMG_6555

The floor jack was on a board to allow it to roll over the gravel driveway. In addition to repositioning it a few times, we had to employ the strongest corner jack off and on, to keep the thing from tipping off. To add to the fun and merriment, I was pulling it with my F150, which is a stick, so it required a delicate coordination of clutch and communication with my friend operating the jack.

All-in-all it was a success, though it reinforced some important facts:

  • This thing is HEAVY.
  • The legs need fixed.
  • I’ll get that much more satisfaction when I finally use the thing!

Well folks, that’s all for now, tune in next time for the crazy antics of a redneck techie!



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