The second leg…



Sure, it’s the second bracket repair on my camper, but I think there’s another meaning here…

Okay, in attempt to lighten up the boring repair of my camper, I’ll incorporate some philosophy on the state of my personal life. The process this time is fairIMG_6558ly similar.

Step 1- Remove the old. I still struggle with this, but as the days go buy, the past bothers me less, and I’m able to move on.

Expanding a bit, on the camper it’s not just good enough to remove the old bracket. Underneath it was over 40 years of dirt, grime, rust and silicone. I guess (like the camper) I need to examine the old, and clean it away, before I’ll be ready for something new. I think this is where I’m at for the time being.

Step 2- Install the new. Not sure I’m ready for the personal side to this one. I keep myself so busy, it’s hard for me to imagine trying to  make time for a relationship. I’m so focused on my kids and my own to-do’s, I think the ‘new’ will have to find me. Perhaps it has… Either way, like the bracket, I’m IMG_6560going to make sure I’ve got a fresh, clean surface, and plenty of silicone.

Before I know it, I’m sure that there’ll be a new “bracket” and it’ll be stronger and last longer than the first one. In fact, I hope my new bracket never wears out.

IMG_6559As a side note, it started to get real windy, so I’ve now anchored my camper to my 2.5 ton boat, Moody Blue. If either side wants to lift more than an inch or so, it’ll have to pickup the boat first…



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