What a Sunday…

IMG_6562Albeit a bit windy, we had a great day…

Today started off as many Sundays do: “The Debate” whereby children think that going to your chosen place of worship is optional, and unnecessary. Now my kids enjoySUNP0002 church (for the most part) and have fun while they’re there. However, the morning tends to bring thoughts like “what are we going to do today,” that a kid will most likely fill with all sorts of adventures not involving being clean, reverent, or quiet.

Though I knew we were going regardless, I told them if the weather was decent, we could do something after church. Needless to say, they got their points for being buckled in the truck before me (I almost never win that one.)

Church was swell, really felt the spirit today. I sang in the choir, got a long-desired recipe, and Tanner made be turn red. I really need to bring a camcorder some day. There’s a “Childrens’ Message” where the sunday school teacher gives the children a message before they all head downstairs for sunday school. My son always has something to contribute to the lesson, and is eager to point things out. Every week I’m equally proud and embarrassed at the same time. Among many things, he likened “turning swords into plowshares” (bad things into good things, as the lesson went) like this:

“Oooh! Oooh! Like, when you take your stuff to the dump, and they turn it into clothes and stuff!”

“Yes, like recycling, very good…”

After church, we headed straight for the nearest baseball diamond, (fruit snacks in hand) where the kids were to practice their batting skills. My 5 year old son who is starting T-ball tomorrow, out-hit his 9 year-old sister (off a pitch) so I think he’s off to a good start, if he can just learn to control his emotions better. His great hit was cut short by a tag-out from his sister. We weren’t actually playing for outs or anything, but his broken heart turned into a full-scale sob-fest. (Can we get a nap over here?) He didn’t get a point for “beating me buckled” that time Winking smile

It was fairly sunny, so I decided to fix the 2 bikes I had given to me. New mountain bikes in hand, I told the kids we could go for a ride…. if they cleaned their room. (Heehee!) Meanwhile, I can start the laundry and dishwasher!

IMG_6563“Boy, if we’re going to get back before dinner, we’re gonna have to leave soon…” (It was about 2 pm.) SUNP0001

At the half-mile mark, my daughter had to take a picture of the horses & mountains. (See Right)

Upon our return, the kids and I engaged in another game of tag. This was quite a surprise to me, as my son was just too exhausted to ride his bike the whole way without stopping all the time…

Squeeze in a game of Loot, baking some lemon poppy-seed muffins, dinner (BBQ beef sandwich & pasta salad), reading, and Skyping with Grandpa, we had a full, rewarding day. My son didn’t make it within an hour of bed time, so I had a nice scientific session with my daughter regarding light, pupils, exposure, and photography. This all being prompted by her wondering why the pictures aren’t as good as “real-life.” I’m not sure how that turned into volcanoes and evaporative coolers, but she hit the pillow pretty hard too Winking smile


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