First Geocaching trip

In case you don’t know, Geocaching is the sport of searching for hidden treasure caches around the world. Here’s our first foray…

2011-05-13T23-40-32Friday was my son’s 6th birthday party and (though that by itself would be exciting enough) the kids coaxed me into going geocaching. They had always enjoyed going on ‘hikes’ with me, but it can be frustrating taking breaks all the time, and wandering aimlessly up a trail. Enter geocaching. The idea being if I have a purpose and treasure at the end of the hike, the kids will be more motivated to keep moving. I have to say, not only does it work, it automatically gave us dozens of new places to visit that we probably wouldn’t go hiking to.2011-05-14T00-35-35

Geocache #1 was near the highway between Enterprise and Joseph, no real hike involved, just a bit of searching. Tada!!! My daughter traded a yoyo for a bracelet, and my son traded a rubber animal for plastic pirate bullion.

I picked up a “Travel Bug” which has a unique code. You go online, and can see all the places it’s been. This one had the goal of making it around the world in 80 caches or less, way back in 2008. Now it just roams freely.

Geocache #2 we did not find, I didn’t have the foresight to print out hints or anything, but later we learned it was a “micro” cache, meaning it could be the size of my pinky or so.

Geocache #3 was at the Enterprise Cemetery, again not a place we’d hike. This cache was very small, making it hard to find, and limiting its treasures.

Geocache #4 was at Marr Pond, which was quite a nice little hike. It was difficult to find, but with the help of some strangers (wondering what the heck we were doing) we eventually found it, and treasures were exchanged. Upon signing the log, we learned someone else had already been there that day! I ordered pizza on the way back to the truck, and it was ready by the time we picked it up. We gladly relaxed to a movie after that, and the kids fell asleep rather quickly.


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