I think I coined a new phrase! I’ll make this quick (yeah right) because it’s past my bed time. I went out into the woods today to get

IMG_0302 firewood. I picked an area that I hadn’t been to before. There were 3 geocaches in that area, so I hoped it would break up the monotony of trying to FIND firewood that’s legal to harvest.

Step 1: Hit a geocache. This one was a neat little pond to get us started, and was part-way to the cutting area. Here, we saw a big herd of Elk and sheep.IMG_0299

Step 2: Venture deep into the forest. The next cache was at the end of Kuhn Ridge Rd. Lots of good timber in that area. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much all still standing, or been cleaned out already. As lunch time approached, we still hadn’t scored any good cutting spots, so I decided to take it beyond 2nd gear and get us the last 2 miles to the geocache.

IMG_0324Step 3: Our second geocache. This one was located at the Kuhn Ridge school. The building is made of logs and sealed with mud, complimented by a shake roof. IMG_0312

Apparently, the children only went here in the spring and summer, as the snows were too high in the winter, almost no one left their homesteads. After exploring it and enjoying a picnic lunch, I went in search of some REAL wood.

Step4: Cut wood. I finally found a spot and started cutting up the fallen trees. After prying my fingers open from my first session with the saw, I took a water break and convinced the kids to help me load. They were very good helpers Winking smile.

IMG_0311Step 5: Break chainsaw. When I went to re-start the saw, the rope did that sudden-stop thing that simultaneously jars your shoulder and back while whacking you good with the saw. After cleaning and reassembling the now freely-moving pull rope, I tried starting it again with the same result. You see, the rope wasn’t stuck, the engine was.IMG_0327

Step 6: Change course. OKAY, THAT’S IT! I had not even a weeks worth of wood, wasted most the day, broke my saw, and left my toolbox at home! I quietly put my stuff away and told the kids suddenly, “I’ll beat you buckled!” (hehehe)

48 miles of forest roads down, what’s a few more? This day was NOT meant for cutting wood.

IMG_0331Step 7: Last geocache. Our last cache was at the Sled Springs historical marker. Sure it’s neat to stop and read the sign, but when you search the area for a cache, you find all sorts of neat ‘evidence.’ It was fun to speculate which piece of rusted metal belonged to some railroad logging camp or stage stop. IMG_0341

Step 8: Run an errand. At the last geocache, I picked up another “Travelbug” which is a trinket that travels from cache to cache, sometimes with a goal. I realized I was collecting too many. In order to pass one of mine, it needed to have its picture taken in a garden. This may seem silly, but it was the vehicle to make me go see the community IMG_0344garden at my kids’ school. They showed me what they had planted, and I was rather surprised and impressed by the fruits of their labor. I was left with one troubling question, though: “WHO LOCKS A COMMUNITY GARDEN?”

Step 9: Relax. Too tired to cook, I ordered a no-frills pizza, which we ate while watching Tangled. I enjoyed part of the movie from the porch through the window while  working on my saw.IMG_0305

Step 10: Wrap-up. I bathed both kids, and got them in bed. I only had a ‘little’ left in the book I had been reading them, so I resolved to finish it. An hour and a half later, it’s finished.

Step 11: Blog and repeat. IMG_0307

So here I am, hammering out todays’ events. Tomorrow, we’ll get up early and try and cut a FULL load of wood. With the help of a friend, I do hope we’ll be successful. All in all, it was a bad day for woodcutting, a good day for geocaching. My son stated, “This was the best day I’ve had since FOREVER!” so it was all worth it…



2 responses to “Wood-Caching!

  1. So what treasures did you guys find at the 3 geo-cache places? You forgot to share that!

    • I picked up a ‘Travelbug’ mouse that squeeks when it’s bumped, and an Avon insect repellant towelette.
      Tanner scored a jumbo plastic “diamond ring” some tattoos, and a giraffe mask.
      Alex traded for a “bug-eye” scope to peer through, a pen that looks like lipstick, and I forget what else…

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