High School Reunion

IMG_0749I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how badly I wanted to go to this. After all, in high school I was a sheltered social outcast…

The first 30 minutes I’d guess were spent in obligatory hellos and 10-year life summarizations.  Mine went something like this: school, job, marriage, kids, divorce…

However, as I made the rounds, we all came to realize that no one knew everyone, and that we all were feeling a bit awkward. Before I knew it, social barriers of the past no longer held fast, and I was getting along with everyone. It was really enjoyable.  (If I am blindingly ignorant, don’t correct me, I had fun!)

One of the twins grew some facial hair, so they dubbed him the ‘evil twin.’ (They’re both really great guys.) It made it a lot easier to tell them apart. Someone had brought class pictures from 1st-4th grade which were real fun.

There were plenty of kids to play with, so Tanner never wanted to leave. One classmate was in the catering business, so the food was EXCELLENT. There were plenty of leftovers, so I took a box of pulled pork and chicken with hoagies and treats, which came in real handy later!

Later, there was to be a gathering for dinner and/or drinks, which I didn’t attend.

The only downsides were that we didn’t have name tags (which I rather enjoyed in retrospect) and now I HAVE to come back for the 20 – year!

(Alright, here’s the album…) FIXED


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