Painting the Church

IMG_0804Since 1885/86ish (depending who you ask) the Lostine Presbyterian Church has been sheltering its congregation, today I gave back by helping give it a fresh coat of paint…

Some thought and preparation had us well equipped. Though my son and I showed up at 9, others had gatheredIMG_0808 at 8 for breakfast. We had half a dozen or more volunteers to equip two sprayers and lifts with numerous accessories.

The paint had been pre-ordered and awaited use, but there was one problem, it was INTERIOR paint. I don’t know who they ordered it from, but some un-Christ-like thoughts surfaced for a brief moment..

IMG_0806SO, while some went to scour the county’s hardware stores for paint (with little success) we got busy spray-painting the railings out front. You know, they never seemed rusty until you’re trying to cover it up with Krylon  Winking smileIMG_0805

My son was tasked with helping paint the foundation, which he dutifully accepted for, oh, an hour? What can I say, he’s six. However, he was an angel and played with the other kids the whole day. (For us, that ended up being 9.5 hours…)

We got a couple buckets worth of paint to get the rigs going while someone went to La Grande for more, I believe. (I must be vague here, as I was up in the air most of the time.) I was recruited to be Scott’s “back-roller,” which involved running the IMG_0811roller over everything he sprayed, to prevent dripping and fill in cracks. At noon, we were out of paint and hungry. The new buckets had just arrived, so we decided to break for lunch before baking in the sun some more.IMG_0810

There was a great banquet of potluck goodies to be had, including pre-cut tuna sandwiches with the crusts removed (a labor of love, I’m sure). There was fruit, coleslaw, a nutritious casserole, and some cookie brownies… mmmmm.

IMG_0814Scott and I  (armed with another 5 gallons) finished the bell tower and trimmed it in where desired. By this time it was about 2pm and the choir director showed up to discuss Sunday’s music and make a plan. I took this opportunity to hydrate myself ‘till I was ready to burst, as I had forgotten to drink since breakfast.

I returned to spray a ring around the bottom, as high as could be reached, then employed an extension ladder on the back of a short addition. Folks were starting to leave, so I finished cleaning spray rig #1.

IMG_0819Scott had to leave, so I took over running the bucket and rig#2 as I planned to finish the third side of the church. I was spraying along and enjoying myself when I ran out of paint. After coming down and reloading, I  re-ascended only to find out that the rig had stopped working. IMG_0813

After much fussing, priming, and troubleshooting, it was determined that the rig had sucked up part of the film. (The hard crust that forms in the top of the bucket on a hot, sunny day.) Try as we might, we couldn’t get that rig to pump paint, water, or thinner, it was done.

IMG_0822I reluctantly switched over to the cleaned rig and finished the 3rd side. It wasn’t until we were cleaning up that I realized something new. For the first time in memory, I had gotten sun burnt on the back of my knees.

My son and I ate out, despite the cost, as I was too tuckered out to cook. With a greasy meal in our belly, we both showered, and got a bedtime story. Now, after a quick blog post, I bid you adieu and goodnight, I’m pooped!


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  1. WOW Josh, that is great! Well done.

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