Pumpkin Disembowelment

IMG_1173It’s been YEARS since I carved a pumpkin. Every year it’s the same logical series of thoughts… but this year was different…

You all know how it starts. “It’ll make such a mess!”

“… it’s gross”              “my hands get cold and numb…”IMG_1176

Did I mention the mess and hassle?

Okay, you get the point. Each year I talk myself out of it. This year, however, it was just me and my son, and doggonit… we needed to carve pumpkins!

We got a pair of medium sized pumpkins from Wal-Mart. It was 2 days before IMG_1179Halloween, so we didn’t have a very nice selection. Boy, were they on sale though! I picked up a carving set with stencils, and a pack of tea light candles.

In the past I had often froze my hands stiff from carving cold pumpkins. DUH, I thought, I’ll bring them in the night before to make the innards bearable. As for the mess, I had a month’s worth of newspaper, and a “gut bucket.”IMG_1181

Okay, now fully equipped, we got after it. The first hurdle was getting past the guts. My son was a bit squeamish, but I made him do it. He did fine once he got used to the smell.

He picked a simple face (he’s retro like that) whereas I picked a stylish bat stencil. We had to take a break halfway through, as our hands were tired, but eventually pulled it off.

IMG_1186Being a single parent is tough. Not only because you’re doing all the work with half the hands, but because you now have less time. By the time he’s 16, he won’t care to carve pumpkins or go trick or treating any more. That’s less than 10 years I have left! Chances are, I’ll only get every-other year until then.IMG_1192

This means that I can’t waste a SINGLE holiday with him. NOW is the time to make the memories, in these first 10 years. I’ll have several more decades to savor them, and I don’t want to regret not having done more. So YES, we got messy, YES it was work, but as I told my son: “all good things in life require some work.”



3 responses to “Pumpkin Disembowelment

  1. This is awesome you say it so well to ….HARD WORK AND SAVOR IT! …..they wont be little forever ….some days I forget that thank you for reminding me.

  2. Josh you are an awesome man! You never know how much time you have with the ones you love, so yea savor that time! Ben made a puking pumpkin for Halloween, I took a picture of it LOL. I sure enjoy your blogs alot. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t have a single Halloween pass by without thinking of the year you and I went out in your jeep 😀

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