Christmas Caching

Last year, my tree seemed it would never die, so this year we got an early start. This is our adventure of picking a tree, and catching a cache.

IMG_1245It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many citizens are out pledging their hard-earned dollar towards the all-American, over commercialized “Black Friday” Christmas sales. First order of the day was to check on things at work, as I’m the only guy that’s home for the holiday weekend. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that despite 106 mph wind gusts, our network never went down. Yay.

The kids and I load up, and head for the nearest Christmas tree permit repository. After a call and a 40 minute detour to get the Sheriff’s Office working again, we head out with a full tank.IMG_1247

I had looked up a Geocache along the paved (and plowed) highway. It was at the Chief Joseph Canyon Overlook, which is always a favorite sight for visitors, as it’s only 30 minutes away.

My daughter traded a keychain flashlight for a punching-bag balloon, while my son added an eyeball variety to his bouncy-ball collection, by leaving a monster truck travelling bug. We had a fruit roll-up snack, and moved on.

IMG_1248As we couldn’t cut within a 1/4 mile of the highway, we were tasked with the challenge of finding an off-shoot that had been plowed. We did find one that was recently travelled, however, and I promptly kicked myself for not bringing my chains. Four-wheel drive proved adequate, but I had to drive in reverse quite a bit Winking smile

Our first stop left my son frozen and truck-bound for the rest of the day. After a few more stands, we found one suitable. I eagerly fired up my new saw and massacred the tree. IMG_1249

We ravenously devoured our PB&J sandwiches & assorted sides while reflecting on how much better everything tastes when you’re out in the woods. While my theory was that our bodies are compensating for high caloric output, the kids were certain it was the clean, fresh air.

After thawing, we had chicken and green beans for dinner, a movie on the side, and a piece of pumpkin pie to top us off. After turning in a few blog posts, I’m ready for the sack! Tomorrow is the “hanging of the greens,” after all.


2 responses to “Christmas Caching

  1. Love your blogs kiddo! Thank you!

  2. I like when you can combine caching with other trips/daily chores. Makes doing the every day stuff a bit more fun

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