Hanging the greens

IMG_1252With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to embrace the Christmas spirit, and nothing kicks it off like “the Hanging of the Greens.”

IMG_1253I’m sure our ceremony isn’t far off from that of other churches. A few folks show up and dress up the chapel with a tree, lights, and assorted other festive decorations. We had snacks, sang carols, and discussed the cornucopia of tree lighting techniques. IMG_1257 Thank you to all those who helped today!

I think people often miss out on the full spiritual experience of a true church community. There’s ALWAYS something else to do, and often the hardest part of a service project is getting up the nerve to go. IMG_1256

Church isn’t just about the Sunday service. There’s a reward one gets by serving and investing in your congregation of choice. I know I get “my cup filled” quicker when I’m a part of making it happen.

IMG_1259I’d encourage anyone reading this post to invest in something. Whether it be time, money, and hopefully pride; there are many worth-while causes out there. This is the season to be thankful for what we’ve been given, and I’m of the opinion that those able should give back. IMG_1261

You may find, as I have, that giving of your time can earn rewards you can’t buy at a “Black Friday” sale!

2 responses to “Hanging the greens

  1. Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

    Thanks for encouraging me! I do give my time to my church and sometimes I would rather being doing other things, but I am always blessed more by showing up and doing what needs to be done… I am sure I can find more ways to help… I liked your blog! Merry Christmas.. Tru2Cntry

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