Pre-Christmas Festivities

IMG_1263Well, if spending a couple hours decorating the church wasn’t enough, I decided to “post my colors” at home as well Winking smile

IMG_1262The kids had dutifully cleaned the area the night before, which was previously the home to all manor of coloring books, and other kid paraphilia. I could not in good conscience deny them the opportunity to put up the tree. That, and I wasn’t going to wait until next weekend either!

IMG_1265After multiple cuts and trips in and out, we finally got the tree to fit in my old single-wide home. My daughter held it in position, while I tightened the screws down. Last year, I had hit the after-christmas sales to get a few IMG_1266things, so this year I was really looking forward to having more lights. I now have a star for the top too!

After stringing the lights, I realized I was short on time, so opted for a quick dinner of the take-and-bake variety. Following which, we promptly found a spot to watch our small-town parade. Luckily, Joseph Hardware had a fire going out front. (Thanks Jo-Hard!)

IMG_1270With entries admired, candy obtained, we came home to thaw out. I put some water on, and started unpacking ornaments for the kids. I instructed them on proper ornament placement, of course. In the end, though, Dad had to make a tweak or two. Hot chocolate finished the task nicely, with a little gingerbread creamer to make it smooth. Happy Holidays, everyone!




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