Christmas Vacation Part II

IMG_1604Well, if you read my last post, you’re up to speed through Christmas day, but the fun didn’t end there. My mom was here all week at home, with my kids. Needless to say, this is meant to be an executive summary of what transpired, and not a historically accurate account… Winking smile

For those who don’t know my mother, she wields a needle and sewing machine as a poet wields a pen. On top of whipping up to wonderful, hand-made quilts for the children (in record time) she came equipped to solve all my textile needs.IMG_1595

On top of being a care-giver, and quilting on the side, she works at a drapery shop where she picked up some super-durable, rubber-backed material to recover my chairs. Considering the stuffing had fallen off, and the plastic was cracked and hanging in strips, they turned out beautifully!

IMG_1593To accomplish other tasks, she had to get my sewing machine in shape again. You see, my mother and grandmother collect sewing machines, and when I left the nest she gave me a 1930’s-ish Singer. It disguises itself as a dresser until you need it, but the drawers are actually a chair, and the sewing machine pops out of the top with its wood-looking finish. The problem is, I can never remember how to thread the darn thing properly. While she was here, I got to shoot HD-quality tutorials of her showing me everything I need to know about it.IMG_1700

While I was at work, she managed to mend 3 pairs of jeans and teach the kids how to use it as well. This eventually resulted in about 3 rice-filled mini pillows, 2 pouches, 2 potholders, and a stuff sack!

With time on the computer limited, the kids had to subside on reading books and using their imagination. After dinner, we’d sit down and watch Firefly. We managed to make it through all the episodes that didn’t have reavers in it. My finger was ready on the remote to skip those occasional scenes that were best left to older audiences.

IMG_1691One blessing (and curse) of the holidays is food. My mom was not allowed to count calories on this visit, and I must say, we were a little reckless Winking smile I cooked chicken parmesan and stroganoff, which both yield healthy amounts of leftovers. My mom used the leftover turkey to make a pot pie from a recipe that I like. As for desert, we eventually managed to dispose of 2 mincemeat pies, 2 pumpkin pies, and a peanut butter cheese cake. Even with sending some slices for the road, it took through the following Tuesday to finish them off! Oh, but I got her crust recipe…IMG_1653

Friday, she calls me at work and reports that something is leaking and flooding my house. I race home to find that a roof vent had broke its seal in the windstorm. A quick trip to the hardware store (with permission from the landlord) produced some sealant which is designed for such repairs and “sticks to wet surfaces.” Well, it sticks to the caulk gun, the putty knife, my fingers, just about everything BUT the wet surface. I tried my hand with the shop vac. and managed to extract about 1/2 a gallon of water from the carpet before the cleaners came.

IMG_1701That night, we all went down to Point of Connection’s Family Center, so I could show my mom where I volunteer. The kids had fun, and we broke in the new game of Settlers of Catan.

Saturday was fairly uneventful with packing, more Firefly episodes, laundry and such. She imparted a few family photo albums to me, which I will continue to scan as time permits. I imparted a little wisdom on video editing. We toasted the new year with cheesecake, and had a tearful departure Sunday morning, just before we left for church. IMG_1698

In packing away the Christmas stuff, I was able to find homes for a few other amenities she brought for me including an encyclopedia with shelf, and a new entertainment center. (The old one is now serving as a MUCH needed nightstand.)

All-in-all, it was cram-packed with quality time, yet I know we could have spent more late nights just talking. After very little thought, we both concluded that this will definitely have to become tradition… Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Christmas Vacation Part II

  1. Oh, sweet. What a wonderful time we all had.

  2. That was absolutely beautiful. We need to clone Josh, both articulate, appreciative and intelligent. We need a lot more of his Mom, too. Congratulations to all of you.

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