MLK Weekend 2012: Part 1

Fortunately for me, this is one of those federal holiday weekends where I get compensated for being a little under paid. Being January, I was tempted to stay indoors, but cabin fever just couldn’t be placated….


My Dad’s Christmas gift had come, so the kids and I went to the movies Friday night to see Tin Tin. It was great, we got popcorn and everything. The movie was funny, & action-packed, and worry-free.

IMG_1765SATURDAY (after a nice breakfast and some Fraggle Rock) we spent most the day putting my new tool to work. You see, I had cut up all this wood with my new chainsaw and piled it behind my house. The problem was that I had split all the dry wood and was left with nothing but green, sap-drooling knotty stuff. I tried for a few weeks, spending thrice the time on each round. Eventually, the frozen chunks kept spitting my wedges back at me.  (*Spit*, *hiss*)IMG_1763

I had been offered the use of a splitter over a month ago, but had never seen it. Reluctantly, I did the only thing that I thought could stave off doubling my electric bill, using credit. Ooh, I know, I shouldn’t have, but I can’t split this stuff by hand. Heck, I can hardly get it to burn! I settled on a 7-ton electro-hydraulic splitter. It was almost affordable, and it’s doing the job. As a bonus, I trading shipping costs for an Amazon Prime account and got it (and most future purchases) in 2 days. Additionally, I now have access to the online streaming IMG_1764library which is great for TV shows, but a little weak on movies.

ANYway, the kids loved helping me (for a change) and we split a record amount of wood in no time. Afterwards, I made “Simple Stromboli” which was a delicious concoction of meat, cheese and vegies baked into a roll. We enjoyed indulging our tired selves in front of Kung Fu Panda 2.

SUNDAY we went to church, of course. I went early for choir, and was told many times how much I was missed, and asked if everything was okay. This is really nice of everyone, even though it was the first Sunday (besides Chrismas morning) that I had missed since July.IMG_1766

After church we stopped at a friends’ house so Tanner could have a play-date with a new friend. Alex and I appreciated some “big people” time with board games, talks, tickles, and some Robin Hood (the BBC series). Tanner didn’t want to leave, but we invited his new friend to go Geocaching with us in the morning. That, my friends, is another tale for another post…

To be continued…


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