MLK Weekend 2012: Part 2

IMG_1769Ah, an inch or two of fresh powder, the sun struggling to pierce the atmosphere, and an icy wind biting at your face, perfect day for…. geocaching. (Seriously!)

It all started Friday, when I realized I had a 3-day weekend. (I know, lucky me.) Anyway, I thought about all the housework, chores, and other to-do’s I could accomplish. Then I threw them out the window and resolved myself to find some caches!IMG_1770

My son was having a lot of fun with his new friend Sunday after church, so to make the separation more bearable, we invited him to go geocaching with us. I haven’t gotten consent from his parent, so he shall remain nameless and faceless in this post.

I made our longest walk first, as I wasn’t sure how much time I had. Plus, it was the largest, and I IMG_1767wanted the first of the day to have that ‘wow’ factor. We headed to the Lostine Wildlife Area. The kids frolicked to and from the cache. It was a neat spot, as there was room to run, and the hide location was slightly different from the surrounding landscape. I was glad to be using 4-wheel drive as I left the road for my parking spot.

Next was near a cemetery. Not terribly exciting, but the kids were able to trade. We found a small pill-bottle sized one (which was quite a let-down for the kids) but couldn’t stop there. We needed a snack, though, so we busted out some honey-roasted peanuts.IMG_1794

We decided to get one more which happened to be at another cemetery. (There’s a whole series of ‘em in this county.) The journey was fun, and had lots of cool logs and rocks for the kids to slip & play on. Ultimately, we found the small container that had replaced the larger one, with nothing to trade.

Lately, I’ve been finding that caches are being abandoned, and some must certainly be trading down, not up. To combat this decline in cache quality, I’ve been trying to re-populate these sorry caches with a handful of fresh swag. I sure hope it’s contagious!

I dropped Tanner’s friend off, and had a nice chat with his parent. I think we may have some new caching cohorts!




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