A Home-made Weekend

IMG_1908From bread, mayo, & meals for others, this Saturday was a truly blessed day…

For my kids, Saturday morning at Dad’s house usually entails sleeping in, a good breakfast, and sometimes (like this morning) snuggles in Dad’s bed. After the kids had ambushed me with snuggles, I was able to tickle my way free. I made a dash for the coffee pot as they grabbed for my legs in an effortIMG_1911 to stave off productivity.

I was slowly working on some home-grown sausage from a local farmer, and it looked like this morning would be its last. My kids were in a helpful mood, so to use it up in style, I let my daughter cook us blueberry pancakes while Tanner did dishes. (I have such good kids…) With them lifting a little weight, I was also able to manage a toasty fire!

IMG_1913After breakfast, I hastened to get a loaf of bread started, so it could be ready by lunch. I’m getting my mileage out of my bread-maker lately, with a fondness for a wheat loaf with oatmeal in it.

I then used a recipe from my handy-dandy Fanny Farmer’s cookbook to whip up a double batch of mayonnaise in myIMG_1914 blender. (My reaction to shocking Mayo prices lately.) While it filled a cool whip container, and is fairly delicious, I might go light on the vinegar and oil next time, as it’s rather strong. I let the kids play while I finished the dishes and showered. After a lunch with these new ingredients, we headed to Point of Connection (aka The Family Center).

IMG_1916POC had been wanting to make freezer meals as part of its ministry for over a year now, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I was rather excited about this idea, as I enjoyed cooking. That’s why when (earlier this week) Neal was talking about it, I said why not? Let’s do it! They were headed to Costco for supplies anyway, so we settled on Saturday, and rallied “the troops.”

Since this was our first attempt, they decided to try 3 batches of 3 different recipes.IMG_1922 The idea was to find meals that could go straight to the oven for baking. The successful candidates were Mexican Chicken Casserole, Spaghetti Bake, and Manicotti. We assembled 3 of each, and baked and tested 2 of them. Yum, that truly was the hard part Winking smile. There was enough leftover ingredients to make another spaghetti bake, & I took home some noodles to make my own rendition the night after, which the kids LOVED.


Another ministry of POC is “Fresh Start Furniture” whereby we accept donated furniture and household items (in decent shape) and distribute them to those that need them. Lately, we don’t have anything in our storage unit, as demand is outweighing donations.

A year-and-a-half ago, when I became a bachelor, I had naught but a couch to sleep on. I had acquired a IMG_1930queen box spring, but never a mattress. I resigned to make due with a 1” foam top until I could afford one, and I never did.

Anyway, POC had received a queen set (which already had a home) but got a spare mattress with it. While discussing what to do, whether we could trade it for a set or frame, I mentioned my situation. Needless to say, I ended up with a mattress that very night! I slept like a baby, and was ambushed by the kids again the next morning.

Sunday was just as good, but I’ve rambled on long enough. In a summary that parallels the sermon, life is what you make it. You soldier on, trusting in God, doing what you can, and he’ll make a work of it.

Thank you, Lord, for such a great weekend!

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