“Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m a coward.”

It sure is ironic that I publicly declare myself a coward on the World-Wide-Web, as that statement (in one way) proclaims the opposite. But seriously, hear me out…

I am one of those people who isn’t comfortable with risk. The risk of failure, rejection, pain, humiliation, loss. I calculate the odds and weigh everything, even that which I know I shouldn’t. I place costs on the priceless, I keep to myself, and yet here I am (apparently) airing my many vices to the world.

My point today, is that I all to often let fear run my life. It holds me back from being spontaneous, speaking my mind, or daring to trust or love again. Though I know this, and can find countless scriptures to negate fear, I find myself reasoning and making excuses for my behavior.

  • These traits CAN be good in my line of work.
  • Yes, I generally avoid getting into trouble.
  • I suppose I’m pretty responsible & predictable (if not all that humble) but at what cost?

I have found joy in my children, serving others, singing, cooking, and worshiping God. In all, I have been truly blessed. Today, I set myself a goal, and challenge all who read to do the same.


It can be something small, like disposing of moldy leftovers. Perhaps you’ll tackle a tiny (but daunting) task of speaking that burning thought that consumes you inside. Ask a friend to help, let me know how it goes.

As for me, I’m starting with this post. I KNOW, to better myself, I must have faith, and try new things, especially if I might fail.

What shall I conquer next? Leave a comment, I’ll decide my goal in a week!

2 responses to ““Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m a coward.”

  1. Hope you get credit for me clicking the advert :0

  2. I guess by definition, the humble can not be proud. You are humble and can’t accept your great worth. Your God is proud of you, not just your mother. I accept your challenge and today will face something that has overwhelmed me. I will feel empowered afterward and wonder why I needed you to challenge me to do it. My challenge for you would be to add a completely new social connection to your life. Something that will enlarge your circle of contacts. There are social groups that I joined as a challenge to enlarge my contacts, stretch my comfort zone. It took time for me to relax into it, Now I hear myself laughing out loud, remembering people’s names and participated when I used to feel alone in the crowd.

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