A taste of Spring (& geocaching)

For those not familiar with where I live, March is an interesting time of year. One day will be sunny, with a high of 60 degrees, 48 hours later you may have 2 inches of snow and piling… However, spring brings another factor to geocaching… cabin fever….

IMG_2072This past Saturday was the first sunny, warm-ish day we’d had in a long time. It seemed like everyone was dropping their snuggies to go enjoy it, and we were no exception. We started off by airing up all our tires and taking a bike ride down a nearby lane. It was a spot we so loved that it felt like visiting an old friend. The wind was a bit chilly, but we rode farther than usual, just because we could!

Then we mounted up and went to visit some geocaches I had lined up for such an occasion. IMG_2076The first was at the fairgrounds. It’s a new cache, and I thought it best to visit this one before summer festivities get rolling as it seems there’s something planned every weekend of the summer.

Next, we headed up to the lake. There was a new one placed at the trailhead, and another we had attempted almost a year ago, without the hint. Better informed, we braved the very slippery trail to reach it. This was more treacherous than I had planned, as the trail seems to be the best path for freezing run-off from the mountain. As a side benefit, the kids got to learn the art of using a walking stick to steady themselves. I had attempted teaching this skill in the past, but they were forced to listen this time Winking smile


I had planned to stop at this point, but the kids weren’t having it, so we visited one of our favorite fishing spots. Again, it was nice to visit in the off season. Seeing as the lake was frozen over still, there wasn’t anyone giving us the “stiff one-eye” while we were searching for the cache. This is just as well, since it took quite some time to find.

Finally, we picked one up along the highway, and headed for home. Whew! I was too bushed to cook, so I treated us to dinner at the local Mom & Pop’s diner. March never felt so good!


One response to “A taste of Spring (& geocaching)

  1. Sounds like a beautiful day.

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