Easter Time 2012

IMG_2120As many Christians can relate, Easter isn’t all about bunnies, eggs, & chocolate. Here’s how we kicked it off this year…

It all started on Palm Sunday, celebrating Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. In our small country church this means kids marching around triumphantly waving palm leaves.

After a very busy week, I picked up my son for the weekend and gathered for a Good Friday candlelight service. I rather enjoyed it, despite being torn between a scripture reading assignment, and singing in the choir by book light.IMG_2128

Saturday we were relaxing with our bacon, eggs, & toast when an opportunity to serve presented itself. Granted, my to-do list included finishing derby cars, laundry, dishes, egg dying, an egg hunt, baking for Sunday, and preparing a message and meal for Easter dinner. Opportunity was knocking, and I had to answer, though.

For a couple hours my son and I helped some folks move & donate furniture for the many that are lined up in need. By the end, my arms were quivering from exhaustion. This provided me with some much-needed exercise and conditioning I’ll need for fetching firewood later…

IMG_2121After all that exertion, we hit the grocery store and adjourned for a picnic lunch in the park before coming home and dying some eggs. I didn’t really have a purpose for them, but since I bought a whole flat, I boiled another dozen. In addition to preserving them, I’ll have a great excuse for deviled eggs and egg-salad sandwiches Winking smile.

While the first batch was drying, I set them aside and used the disaster-prepped table to work on our pinewood derby cars. (See another post for details.) Before I knew it, we were due to head out for an Easter-egg hunt. Now many in our area head to the nearest city park or baseball field for a morning event clogged by the majority ofIMG_2143 kids in the county. However, I prefer to head out to the country to the old tried-and-true Liberty Grange Hall. The afternoon was breezy, but offered a nice sunny excursion with less traffic management issues.

The usual scene included little kids(3 and under) getting a head start, older kids (7-10) sent to a more advanced area, and those in the middle (like my son) chomping at the bit for their chance. He wasn’t disappointed, as others were returning to their parents to unload their overflowing baskets, he capitalized on the extra time to fill his style-challenged grocery bags.

IMG_2146As I was racing to keep in range with the camera, I got a real kick out of seeing all the other parents trying to do the same thing. It felt like a real sport, keeping up with them without running over others, getting in their shot, and keeping them out of yours. If you like photography, and feel competitive, I invite you to visit an egg hunt next year.

Following the hunt, everyone huddled in groups around buckets and bowls, emptying their plastic eggs of their loot. As a small, non-profit grange, eggs are re-used each year to keep the costs down. Trouble started to rear its ugly head, though, when my boy realized heIMG_2156 hadn’t found any prizes. (Last time, there were numbered pieces of paper, denoting your prize selection inside.) Turns out that prizes were, in fact, denoted by tape on the eggs this year. OH NO! We had carelessly discarded the tape, thinking it was a faulty egg that required it. When we realized our tragedy, we raced back to our bucket-o-eggs to see if we could reclaim it. Luckily, a friend had already figured it out and saved it for us. Whew!

Inside there were prizes worth 1 or two pieces of tape. Though he only had one, apparently the bunny signified a wild-card sort of tape, letting my son pick ANY prize he wanted! He promptly chose a kite. Next we went upstairs to join the cake walk. There were more spaces than participants, so I joined my son in the IMG_2177pursuit of baked nirvana. He won a plate of delicious fruity cupcakes dressed in coconut and jelly beans.

Upon arriving at home, my son suggested we “take a break,” LOL. I gave in to a cartoon (while folding laundry). We continued on with more egg dying and derby decorations until it was time for dinner. I whipped up some Italian sausage meatballs to go with our sweet basil spaghetti and garlic bread. (It was even better than it sounds, BTW.) IMG_2192

We also tallied up and cashed in points for the month of March. After adjusting for points lost, my son had a balance of 38 points. After digging through the treasure box, he picked out a helicopter flyer, and plastic toy jet. I took him outside to show him how to use it by promptly getting it stuck on the roof. As I have no ladder of my own, I employed my pickup to climb up and retrieve it. He joyfully perfected his skill until it was too cold and dark to continue. Though we did manage to finish up the cars and eggs, there was a lot left unaccomplished.

Sunday, I plan to attend the Easter service (where I’ll sing some more) then prepare mashed potatoes and a message for our multi-family Easter dinner celebration. I hope all who read this have a great Easter….


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