2012 Pinewood Derby: Part 2

IMG_2119The journey that began with sawdust and sand paper continues…


With the derby date looming overhead, I decided to capitalize on the Easter weekend to work on the pinewood derby cars. This way, I could fully blanket the dining room table with newspaper, and only have one mess to clean up between the two crafty activities. IMG_2128

We started out by breaking out the paint. Both cars already had a flat-black coat. I had some “metallic silver” to try first, which my son decided would work great for lightning bolts. I used it to outline the tank and place rivets on my steam-punk truck. Unfortunately, it dried somewhat clear without much ‘metal’ or ‘silver.’ A nifty idea I had was to put the puddles of paint in paper muffin cups. They were contained and disposed of easily, I’d highly recommend it.

IMG_2123While we were waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to make some accessories for my truck. I scavenged some speaker wire from the shop which I stripped and curled for effect. I also cut an exhaust stack off the end of a giant pencil and painted it black to match.

After the silver didn’t work out, we broke out the decals. This was a far better investment of time and money as far as my boy was concerned. Meanwhile, I went about attaching my accessories via hot-glue gun.IMG_2136

IMG_2130In his opinion, my son was done with his car, so I let him play & work on eggs while I soldiered on, using white paint to install windows, headlights, and better rivets. I then touched it off with a few left-over decals that he didn’t want.

I had noticed from some of my research that the nails which act as the axles and attach the wheels to the car have some defects. There are ridges and ‘burs’ left from the factory. Per IMG_2189recommendations, I smoothed these out to reduce any unnecessary friction. My Dremel made short work of that process through the use of a stone wheel attachment.

The last step will be to install the wheels. I’ve been warned to leave this to the last minute, to prevent them from getting broken. Then, we’ll be ready for the races!


One response to “2012 Pinewood Derby: Part 2

  1. Muffin cups, great idea!

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