Days of Thunder: 2012 Pinewood Derby Part 3


The moment of truth… this is where the plastic meets the wood!

IMG_2221Race day had finally arrived. The kids woke me up by climbing into bed for morning snuggles. Then we kicked the morning off with blueberry pancakes and bacon. We had some time before we had to get ready, so I decided to erect our trampoline to capitalize on all the sunny weather we’ve been blessed with lately. We had just enough time to break it in with some “launching lessons” before it was time to don our uniforms.

Following the scout motto of “be prepared” I collected a package of emergency tools including coping saw, hammer, crazy glue, hot glue gun, number stickers, & scissors. I had also volunteered to handle the judging tokens, so I printed those out as well.

IMG_2223I had agreed to give another scout a ride to & from, so I decided to take the truck, as the front door of my car didn’t open from the outside. (I fixed that later in the day.) It’s a good thing too, because we ended up giving another person a ride as well. IMG_2224

We arrived just in time to start the weigh-in. I measured cars to be sure they were within the specifications and rolled freely, then passed them on for weighing. Self-adhesive weights were kindly donated by Les Schwab and were added according to the racer’s desires. Wheels were all equally lubed with graphite as well.

After weigh-in the cars were quarantined in the “pit area” and readied for judging. Racers were all equipped with a very cool “Pit Pass” that allowed them trackside seats within the pit area. Cars were then judged for “Best in Show,” “Fastest Looking,” and “Funniest.” All racers were given bags with a paper token for each category, to place in the cup corresponding to the car they wished to vote for.

IMG_2231I tallied the results while lunch was served. On the menu were hotdogs with chili and all the fixings, chips, cookies, and juice/lemonade. There was also a “Car Wash” to pass the time which was a long, narrow box filled with balloons that kids could crawl through.

After the meal, we filled out the ranks and started racing. There were two heats. The first was for scouts only, with one of 4 pre-determined designs. The second heat was for all comers and designs. (They still had to meet regulations, but had more ‘artistic freedom.’) I volunteered to do the time keeping, so I didn’t get many pictures of the actual racing.IMG_2225

Each car was raced 3 times (alternating lanes) with their time recorded each race. Winners were determined by their average time across those races. The top 3 in each heat got trophies, and everyone got a participation medal (including myself.) My son and I didn’t garnish any trophies, but had loads of fun. The design class winners each got $10 gift cards. At some point my boy was so excited rooting for his friend, that he didn’t even notice HE was racing them!

Overall, a great time was had by all!


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