Cubs invade the Fire Hall

IMG_2345Nothing like an adventurous trip the local Fire station with the Cub Scouts to lift your spirits. As always, the firemen went above and beyond, read on….

Normally, I pick my son up around 6-6:15 pm, but his mom was having some computer woes, so I came over early to help address those. He was already in uniform, so I addressed her problems while he finished his cartoon. We arrived at the Enterprise City Hall to find open, welcoming doors.IMG_2347

The boys ran around gawking at all the cool trucks and equipment while we waited for others to arrive. Trying to keep them together was like herding cats as we tried to keep them from playing with things.

When the time came, we all gathered in their meeting room for some basic fire safety. For paying attention about stop-drop-&-roll, and other survival tips, they were rewarded with an activity coloring book, magnets, and reflective stickers for their bedroom windows. (These have a big reflective “C” to let them know which room to get to for rescuing them.)

IMG_2358After the briefing, there was a full demonstration of all the equipment firemen carry, and they got to try on the hat and “Darth Vader” breathing apparatus.

Then the boys got to take a little ride around the block in the back of the firetruck, on their way to a lawn that was in desperate need of watering. (Not really, but we used our imaginations.) They broke out the little hose and let the scouts each take turns spraying in a stream and fan, demonstrating their uses, and showing how they apply water to houses.IMG_2413

All in all, a very satisfying evening. While snack time was omitted on this outing, the charitable firemen treated the boys to a round of root beer.


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