2012 Summer Vacation – Part 3

IMG_3653The third part in this series covers the next two days of our vacation, spent homesteading and relaxing in northern California…

IMG_3658IMG_3662Tuesday morning we got up, and my brother and his wife prepared breakfast for the group. They used the hobo stove and fried eggs and ham to top toasted blueberry bagels with cheese. I was nervous about the blue berry flavor but, like most camp food, it was delicious. 

With some fuel in our bellies, my brother and I went to scope out the property. With a quick walk we decided on a place to camp near the entrance, as the rocky terrain wouldn’t really allow access to the rest in his passenger car. We returned and moved camp. I dropped off my camper and was then free to use the truck to move the rest.

We started raking an area for the fire pit, to remove any fire danger from the immediate area. At lunch time my sister-in-law created some delicious smoked turkey sandwiches that really hit the spoIMG_3670t! We dug a pit and lined it with lava rock, which is fairly abundant in the area. IMG_3668 

The kids started making paracord bracelets, as dinner was prepared. Their uncle had brought buckles, and spare cord, so this leisure activity produced much fruit throughout the week. My daughter also had a paper doll activity book she was entertained with.

My brother introduced me to mesquite, and cooked fajita meat over the fire that he had been marinating for days. Meanwhile, the ladies fried up the onions & peppers, which my son ate! Their uncle helped assemble the tacos for them, complete with pico de gallo and sour cream. It was SO yummy, of course. To top that all off, we had corn on the cob and smores for dessert. Sometimes I am certain I eat better food on vacation than at home….

My brother and I agreed only to do work before lunch, then recreate in the afternoon. The days IMG_3688IMG_3684were very hot, with my camper interior reading 106 F one day. Luckily, our new site had lots of shade (albeit transient in nature) and a fairly constant breeze. It was my turn for breakfast, so I prepared blueberry pancakes & sausage. Our morning task was to clear the easement we entered on, into a more proper road by clearing some over-hanging branches and a few problematic trees. (Nothing my Stihl couldn’t handle.) We also designated a ‘deer tree’ to leave our edible organic treats for the wild life. After this, I made a supply run to Klamath Falls, while he employed his rototiller to help level the fire pit area, then run to a nearby truck stop for showers.

In “K.Falls” as we call it, we went to a home improvement store, where I had a poor experience. Next, the kids were disappointed in the lack of a play structure at the fast food places. To my IMG_3673IMG_3707relief a subway was nearby. Unfortunately, it was smaller than the one back home, with a line that stretched outside where the bathrooms were located. I had to visit several places to get what I needed and got poor service in each case. On the way back, I stopped at a rest area which advertised “WiFi.” It wasn’t working from the weak signal in the parking lot, so I continued on. Needless to say, Dad was grumpy by the time we got back to camp.

For our recreational activity, we blew off some steam by expending ammunition on various targets (including a jumbo marshmallow) against the hill. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the BB’s at home, so the kids took turns on the .22.

With our newly acquired water jugs to augment my brother’s, we also made a water run to the neighbors who had kindly offered to supply us. This gave us the re-fill capacity required to put IMG_3718t

he bag shower to good use. I screwed some 2X6’s to an old pallet, strung a tarp, and my kids and I took much-needed showers. I hastily prepared “Aunt Pat’s Chicken” (sans crispy topping) over instant garlic mashed potatoes, there were no left overs. Dessert consisted of our family classic: fire-roasted scones. My sister in law had never had them, and approved of the results.

Check out Part 4 for more of our tale….


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