CubCamp2012 – Part 1

The following is an account of my son’s first time at Cub Day Camp which was at Camp Wallowa…


It all began on Friday, July 6th. As this preceded our week-long vacation, I had lots of preparation work to do. I took off early from work to prepare, and was nearly done by the time I picked up my boy at 4:30. I had been so busy throughout the afternoon, I completely forgot to plan a dinner, so we treated ourselves to a burger out at the Stubborn Mule. They’ve got turtles in a tank there between the family/bar sides that we like to see grow over the years…

We got home, loaded the camper, took showers, and relaxed with a wholesome animated movie about a sea turtle. With a little time to spare, we played legos IMG_3332until bed time.

SATURDAY, we got up, had cereal for breakfast, and headed up to Cub Day Camp at Camp Wallowa. We carried in our gear and picked out a prime camping spot. The truck camper would have to watch from the parking lot on this one, RVs prohibited, but I didn’t want to worry about loading it afterwards. Besides, it’s got everything I need in it!

We helped setup camp and the scouts attended to the flag raising and camp rules, while the adults figured out the directions for the first activity, paracord bracelets. The scouts were sorted into teams, each with a color. They learned the cobra stitch and weaved a bracelet to identify their teams for the weekend. My IMG_3356son was in the “Blue Pumas” group. (The theme was Jungle Adventure this year.)

Next, we played a myriad of camp games until lunch including Tiger in a Cage, The Secret Ring, and Hunter/Gun/Rabbit. Lunch consisted of meat sandwiches with all the potluck sides. I brought Oreo Grape salad which didn’t survive Winking smile

After lunch, we started our “Activity Stations” which involved BB-Guns, Archery, Camp Cooking, and Geocaching. While my son didn’t score in Archery, he managed to pepper the target with BB’s, and kill a few evil balloons. Camp Cooking produced fire-roasted apples with delicious cinnamon butter centers, and hand-made ice cream in a bag.IMG_3379

I was in charge of the Geocaching station. Scouts learned how to use a map & compass, orient a map, and take a bearing. Then they created a geocache, filling it with swag, logbook, etc. They decorated ammo cans with camo. tape and natural objects from the surrounding area. Next, they hid the geocache and took a bearing on its location for the other groups to use in finding it.IMG_3401

Just before dinner, the scouts constructed “rainsticks” from cardboard tubes, nails, & rice.

Dinner was provided with hamburgers, hot dogs, and potluck side dishes for all. After dinner, we had a chance to setup camp for a bit before each group devised and practiced their skit for campfire.

The campfire was the end-of-year ceremony where the boys received their badges and advanced to the next “Den.” My boy earned his Tiger badge and three IMG_3474more belt loops.

There were some good humorous skits, and songs performed. I sang “Ghost Chickens in the Sky” and my son led the group in the National Anthem, as well as “Oregon my Oregon.” A drum was employed to accompany the scouts’ rainsticks as we all made jungle-like noises. The additional flag-destruction ceremony really helped add to the ambient awe of the evening.


This was only the first day, and I took WAY too many pictures to include here, so feel free to browse the album, then tune in for Part 2.


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