2012 Summer Vacation

2012-07-09_14-01-16_HDRAh summer, time to pack the kids up and hit the open road. Our trip included Cub Day Camp, a rock garden, camping, lava caves, crater lake, and much more. Read on for a full account…

IMG_3496Whew! What a week! After doing a thorough brain-dump of the festivities, I ended up with SEVEN blog posts! Rather than bug every one with sharing each one individually, I decided to make a ‘master blog post’ to re-cap the journey, and link to the individual parts.

IMG_3684In a nutshell, my brother traveled from Texas, and I from Oregon to camp together on a new piece of property we acquired from our Grandmother. We had planned the date 6 months or so in advance, to be sure we both got the time approved from work. As it turned out this year, I had to postpone my journey to California to meet my brother, as Cub Camp was scheduled that first weekend.

Cub Camp Part 1 (Fun at camp on Day 1)

Cub Camp Part 2 (Conclusion)

We left camp early to split for John Day to stay for the night. Part 1 covers our semi-eventful journey to the Bend area. Once there we explored the Petersen Rock Gardens in Part 2 and head for Klamath Falls.IMG_3798

Part 3 entails moving and improving our new camp, and general camping goodness. Falling trees, building, shooting, and some gourmet camp cookin’.

2012-07-13_14-11-15_HDRMoving on to Part 4, we explore a lava cave while still making our place more camp-able.

The trip home is detailed in Part 5, where we visit Crater Lake, the John Day Fossil Beds, and Painted Hills.



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