Choir Camp 2012

IMG_4235Wow, where to begin… this year’s choir camp was (as last year) as fun as it was tiring. I signed up for less workshops this year, though, and was able to relax more and spend a little time with a guitar instead. Over 72 hours, 40+ people harmonized 10 pieces and performed their other talents while getting some down-home fellowship in beautiful Wallowa County…

(As always, click any picture for full-sized viewing.)

It all started Friday evening, when I headed to the lake after work. The kids had just returned from their trip, so I visited them real quick and took delivery of a care package from my mother. I had to swear to my son not to open it until he was around, though. I arrived and got my music, nametag, etc. then proceeded up to a group voice lesson by my choir director. I was being my usual quiet, shy self so she took the liberty of introducing me to everyone.IMG_4162

Peter Wordelman was our director again this year, and brought a few extra trained voices with him. I’ve sang, or played for several people over the years, and he is still the best I’ve performed for. He’s fun, energetic, and communicates so well, in so many mediums, that you just can’t help but do your best for him.

IMG_4176I don’t recall what was for dinner, but anyone who has attended the Wallowa Lake Methodist Camp can assure you it was delicious. We got our traditional welcome orientation, and proceeded to do a quick sight-reading of this year’s music. It was “S’mores Day” so these were offered around the campfire later, which I didn’t stick around for.

You see, as a ‘commuter’ I enjoy a substantial discount (for not staying in one of the great cabins/yurts) as well as the privilege of going home each night. This was especially important this year, as I had to prepare for a business trip out of town.

Saturday morning (as I wasn’t signed up for a workshop) I diIMG_4187dn’t have to be there until 10 am. Besides sprinkler and laundry duty, I was able to load my camper for the trip. I got their with time to spare before rehearsal and a lunch of chicken-peanut soup with home made bread and salad. Did I mention the food is wonderful?

Anyway, in the afternoon we got to have a break-out section for men/women to work on specific parts. During free time, I fiddled on the guitar I’m trying to learn. This was made much more interesting and exciting, as my pastor had just given me a cool book to use. It has all the fingerings I never knew existed, and many popular tunes in easy to play keys.

IMG_4211One of my KP sessions was completed before a lasagna dinner and another evening rehearsal. These rehearsals last 1 to 2 hours each. Last year, we had fewer pieces, but I found my voice much more strained than this year. I’m not sure why, exactly, but I rarely found myself hoarse this year. I drank plenty of fluids, and was really able to show off my range. That night we had the “We’ve Got Talent” show. It was a great variety, as last year, and all the performances were top-notch. One particular highlight was during the ‘bubbles’ song, where the blowers got a little over-zealous. I kicked myself, though, for not thinking of it ahead of time. I’m making a resolution to have something to do next year. IMG_4258

Sunday morning I came up after breakfast for a good worship service by my pastor, Steve. After some more rehearsing, and lunch, there was a slight lull. A few of us went and made use of the ping pong table for some entertainment. By this time I had broken out of my social ‘shell’ and started to embrace the experience. We had an extra, so we rotated out, with the spectator calling out a ‘theme’ by which to play ping pong. Some favorites include dramatic, teenager, pirate, intense, Chinese, & slow-motion. It was a riot of a good time. On our return to IMG_4232the hall, I couldn’t help but add a little SNL “Hans and Franz” to the mix.

That night we had a free performance for the community. We ran out of seating inside, but with the heat, I think the few outdoors rather enjoyed their location. It got over about 8:30 pm and was followed by a fellowship time with refreshments. Alas, I had to skip out though. I was the first out of the parking lot, as I was due in Ontario for work the next morning. That, however, is a different story.

I could elaborate SO much more, but I’ll let the pics speak for me!

If any of you would prefer NOT to have your picture shown, let me know, and I’ll take it down. As I had troubles last time with the album, I’m trying a picasa one instead. Click the link below to go there. Thank you.

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