Kidfest 2012

IMG_4662Ah, the highlight of the year, Kidfest. My ‘kids’ look forward to this event each fall where the various agencies, non-profits, and other groups put on a cost-free fun evening for kids of the county. After missing last year, the kiddos were really psyched to participate again…

In years past, groups had set up booths for anything from making macaroni jewelry to face-painting, each year was different but memorable. This year we started by petting the calf outside. Facts about calves were rewarded by candy, my kids succeeded.IMG_4678

Next, we ventured inside and got our hands stamped, and Dad got his bag to tote around all the swag and literature we were going to receive. My son enjoyed the play dough, bouncy house, fishing for toys, etc. My daughter, though, was maturing now and found less activities appealing to her. Still, they both partook in the Cub Scout’s “Rain Gutter Regatta” (lung propelled soap boats), Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, butter-making, etc.

Neither of the kids put their names in the raffle for bikes, as they were equipped well enough, and Tanner was now to old for the piñatas that were being decimated.

IMG_4669There were lots of goodies handed out, from tattoos and stickers to take-home craft kits & books from the library! This year, I was particularly thrilled to see that Safe Harbors sponsored a professional photographer taking pictures! I can’t wait to pick up my print this week, as the printer they had was malfunctioning. IMG_4664

There’s always a meal included with the fun, and I’m pretty sure it’s been the same every year, chili dogs. No complaints from us, certainly. As I supervised my children, watching Smokey the Bear roam around, seeing other kids stampede the stage for piñata candy, I realized that my kids are growing up too fast. “There’s very few of these years left,” I thought. All I can do, I suppose, is take it in, savor it, and take an annoying amount of pictures and video!


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