Imagination Workout

IMG_4773This weekend was not unlike many other in late October. A ‘winter storm warning’ dumped a bunch of snow, which then turned to rain and continued throughout. It was, however, a significant birthday for me marking the turn of another decade in my life. With kids under my wing, we took shelter with some fun indoor festivities…

Friday nights I typically pickup the kids from their mother. She informed me they had a good dinner, so we skipped the community meal planned at the church we attend in Lostine.

They promptly changed their minds, saying they were hungry and (as I hadn’t ate yeIMG_4785t) I ordered a pizza. We enjoyed the chicken-garlic quasi-italian cuisine while perusing some Youtube videos of people playing Minecraft. For those unaware, Minecraft is a simulation 3D environment where players craft, build, survive, etc. Watching these ‘quick build challenge’ videos, we were inspired to reproduce the scenario in our own way.

So in addition to our regular dull-drum, we’ve been playing Minecraft. I also managed to fit in making myself a ‘dirt cake.’ I found a recipe close enough to what I’m used to, and it turned out SO delicious! Basically, it’s pistachio pudding mix, combined with cream cheese and whipped cream, and allowed to set between layers of crushed IMG_4782oreos. No dirt cake is complete without gummy worms, though Winking smile

Now for the quick-builds. This first is the most important, as I need your help judging it. You see, Grandma Nini provided the topic of “Camping @ Dorris.” (This is where we spent our summer vacation this year.) So now’s your chance to weigh in. Who, do you think, should win this round? (Click images for full-size, as always.)

Here’s the campsite:





Entry Number 1:

Includes camper, car, fire, camp chairs, and some shrubbery.



Entry Number 2:

Includes a larger camper, starting of  a car, but more shrubbery and some terrain, too.


Please place your vote by commenting on this post. Thanks!

For those interested, here are some other builds of the day. Keep in mind, these are last-minute topics with 10 minutes of time.

Thanks for reading!













6 responses to “Imagination Workout

  1. Uncle votes for #2

  2. Grandpa votes for #2 but it was so close.

  3. I hate voting where kids are involved. If I have to, I vote for #1. I notice the chairs are different appropriate colors! Wow.
    But I do love the extra detail to terrain in #2 because the terrain was a large part of the location.

  4. Both are awesome and hard to choose..hmmm my vote is #1. Great job!

  5. #1 because I like the camper. -Linus

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