Bachelor Stir Fry

IMG_4923Going from a full-time family to a single Dad has presented many challenges. One that I continue to battle on a regular basis is cooking for only one during the week (therefore not at all most nights) and feeding 2 extra (growing) kids on the weekend. Often, I’m able to get my pre-teenagers to eat it, usually they even like it. On occasion I get asked how I do it, so here it is.

My son and I have a hard time with vegetables. Getting them to inspire our taste buds without compromising their nutritional value is a big challenge, but stir fry does the trick. This recipe is REAL quick and easy, requiring a mere 3 pre-packaged ingredients:IMG_4924

  • Meat: I use kielbasa sausage from the Safeway deli. It’s pre-cut, cooked, and goes on sale regularly: $5 for 2 lbs. I divide it into 1/4’s and freeze for later. Half of one of these bags, cut up, seems to work well, and add some saltiness.
  • Veggies: Safeway’s frozen “Asian-style Vegetables” in the freezer section. $2 / bag, and you only need 1/2 per batch.
  • Noodles/Sauce: I’ve tried a variety of noodles over the years with different sauce combinations. The one that really seems to work is a Nissin Chicken Chow Mein meal. They go on sale for $1, and come with their own oil/sauce combination.

Feel free to use better or more ingredients, but this fills my wok, and our 3 bellies for $2.75! (There are NO leftovers.)


It’s better to thaw/drain everything first.

  1. Microwave the Nissin meal per directions, this takes 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, fry up the veggies in the wok, add meat toward the end. Drain if necessary.
  3. Drain Noodles and mix into stir fry.
  4. Drizzle Nissan Sauce
  5. Stir & fry to desired texture (not long, as you don’t want to start burning anything)


Obviously, you could do many more healthy variations on this using chicken, omitting the meat, etc. When I’m bushed and need a quick meal, this certainly does the trick. Hope you enjoy!


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