Christmas Catch-Up

IMG_5120As my few loyal followers have reminded me, it’s been sometime since I blogged last leaving them wondering, “how was Christmas?” Why now, or at all, you ask?

Cuz I gotta…

Okay, here’s a quick recap of the season, from a February’s memory, so have mercy Winking smileIMG_5122

My Mom came up to visit like last year, and watched the kids during the week while I had to work. Driving her old Geo Metro 400 miles was risky enough. However, if you add the extended family’s payload, 2 dogs, etc. that car was getting a work-out. Since the dreaded Meacham/Cabbage Hill pass of the Blue Mountains stood in the way, we decided it was safest for me to come pick her up on the other side. This worked well, in the end, as the weather was a little unpredictable.

Once again, she out-did herself, providing us with new quilts, and outfitting my home with drapes. While I wasn’t on-hand for many of the activities, my children enjoyed their time immensely. Here’s some of the festivities.

IMG_5135They made new aprons, and helped make some holiday treats. The food all week was deliciously sinful.

They decorated their annual ornaments.IMG_5238

We started a “memory” jar, where we will be adding little memories all year long for retrieval once a year.

Created thank you cards.

Wished on a wishbone.

Played with legos & other new toys, including the ever-popular pogo stick. Many thanks to all the family that sent wonderful gifts this year!

The kids enjoyed their new swords I made, but soon found that they don’t react well when swung at solid objects in the house. Despite an “outside-only” designation, they didn’t survive more than 48 hours… The night light is serving well, however.

I could go on, as my mom and I both had our own ‘List’ to accomplish but, let’s just say it was grand and get on with the photo album.


P.S. I just realized I never posted about the parade, gingerbread houses, wagon rides, and other festivities, so I’m adding another album…


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