A Simple Weekend

IMG_5567This post recalls a weekend in the not-too-distant past, where I installed my new antenna mount, and hung out with my son.

It was a typical spring weekend in Wallowa County. The sun was shining on our beautiful snow-capped mountains, but it was still too cold to do much. I had the bug to do something, though, so in addition to our movies and board games, I decided to install the mount and coax for my soon-to-arrive ham antenna.IMG_5572

I had procured a mount that would fit in the lip of my hood. Although it’s not the optimum location on the vehicle, it wouldn’t interfere with the camper, when loaded. I mounted it parallel to my FM antenna on the driver’s side, close to the windshield, to minimize it’s impact on my view. I used self-tapping screws to provide a good ground and solid base.

I have a late model F150 and thought I’d have no problem finding a hole in the firewall to re-purpose for my coax. In all the installs I had done previously, this had been the case. Alas, Ford runs a tight ship; or firewall as the case may be.

IMG_5570My ended up using a boot feeding my door, as it has nothing electrical in it but speaker wire. I was able to modify the boot without puncturing it, but had to spend extensive effort fishing the path with a coat hook wire.

I started out with what I thought was plenty of coax. However, after removing trim to put it under my bench seat, it was just enough. This will be the perfect place to mount my radio base (when I get one). Unfortunately, I’ll be plugging my handheld in, so it’s now limited to the pouch on the front of my seat. I acquired a lapel mic/speaker. It does the job, but isn’t nearly loud enough to compensate for roadIMG_5565 noise in the large cab. I’m afraid I’ll be quite motivated to buy a dedicated radio for my truck, sooner rather than later.

I had planned a special dinner for my adopted daughter, but she decided to stay with her mother that weekend. It was up to my son and I to enjoy the BBQ chicken ka-bobs on our own. We did our duty, and enjoyed our first grilled treat of the season.

See you next time, things should start picking up soon!


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