2013 Summer Vacation–Part3

IMG_6180Monday morning heralded my pre-determined day to cook breakfast for the group. My friend had discovered the secret to the oven, so I used it to bake biscuits. Going with these flakey morsels was a whole gallon of sausage gravy. The good (not for you) stuff they serve at mini-marts across the nation. (A birthday present from my Aunt, who shares a taste for this stuff.) There was plenty for our party of nine, with a left over serving that didn’t survive through lunch time.

The morning was crisp, the kids were groggy, and I got to try out my French press. On every other camping trip I had used instant coffee granules, which simulate the taste effectively enough. However, I had hinted to my mom that a small press for campingIMG_6193 would be good. She brought for Christmas and 2-cup insulated carafe with French press built into the lid!! I was impressed. Now I had never used such a contraption, but heard good things. I tossed in two spoonful’s of my gourmet medium-roast grind and sampled the best darn coffee ever! If you haven’t, try it, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Today was the day planned for the major supply trip to the nearest place of commerce, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Everyone was there, so we were able to make comprehensive lists of everything we should need for the week. We were able to figure out meals on the fly, with a fair amount of success. This was also the day to retrieve water in our tank, so I was in a hurry.

IMG_6201We went to Home Depot first, gathering some wood, fence posts, and other knick knacks. I was especially pleased with the set of clippers I got, which made short work of Junipers. I had called a week prior to get the store to stock the $98 picnic tables I desired, but they were having issues procuring them. I have to give a shout-out to Jeremy who went to bat to be sure that happened. However, they arrived on the truck later that day, and I made a second trip to retrieve the kits. More on that later. 

My son and I grabbed a quick bite at Burger King, and ate while we fueled up. (I was aiming for ultimate time efficiency, of course.) After a whirlwind trip through Albertson’s my debit card was strained, and we headed back to camp.IMG_6218

We were able to procure water from the local city, and needed to get to City Hall to setup a utility account. They were there at 11, but it was now about 2pm. I hurriedly unpacked my groceries, only pausing to put the necessary items in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I missed a can of biscuit dough, which had exploded by the time I returned. They charged $20 for the first 1,000 gallons which was well worth it, even though I only retrieved 300. I parked it on the top of our little hill, and waited for my brother’s return.

IMG_6233Dinner that night was a chicken enchilada casserole that I had pre-made and frozen. It was so nice having a quick, delicious meal, but I needed the space in the refrigerator. I cooked it and fed half of us early, so I could return for the picnic tables. When I had returned, the rest had consumed their tacos. I think marshmallows might have been roasted later on.

My brother had procured a bunch of solar lights, which they installed on the path to the restroom. They had clear diffusers and lit the path quite well, in my opinion. They also lent a guide to the visually impaired among us, whom couldn’t take advantage of the full effect.IMG_6241

This brings me to the last topic of this post: camping with disabilities. I am extremely proud of those family members whom could more easily pass on this experience. With bad knees, backs, diabetes, blindness, anxiety, diet restrictions, and CPap breathing machines, they had no shortage of excuses. However, as an experienced extended family, we all happily pitched in to accommodate everyone’s needs. (A gift I would appreciate later.) I came to the realization that exposing my kids to disabled persons (like I was) builds immense character.

Enjoy the gallery while I prepare for Part 4…


2 responses to “2013 Summer Vacation–Part3

  1. Camp’s starting to look awesome :). I haven’t been out in the area around K-Falls in a very very long time, not since I helped a buddy finish packing up to move back north after finishing at OIT.

    • Yep, it’s a work in progress. I’m gathering a little ‘crop of campers’ as no one seems to want the ones without bathrooms, and you can pick them up for super cheap! Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave the solar setup intact due to lack of security.

      Hope you get to stretch your legs again this year…

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