Carb/Quad Rebuild–Part 2

IMG_6652I wanted a solid chunk of time to fully rebuild the carburetor (sometimes hard to come by) all at once. In the spare moments until then, I decided to tackle a few other tasks the quadrunner will need…

First, I had picked up a battery at the local Les Schwab store. It was within $5 of the cheapest one I had found online, so I just got it. I looked up the charge rate and time, and got it going. Also, the tank was full of some pretty foul-smelling gas, so I borrowed a pump and evacuated it.IMG_6656

Then the day came when I had several hours to tackle the complex carburetor. I took a bunch of pictures, but rather than a step-by-step walkthrough, here’s the synopsis:

  1. Take it apart
  2. Clean everything
  3. Re-Assemble

IMG_6671The manual REALLY helped, and I wouldn’t attempt it without one. I had bought a can of ‘carb cleaner’ thinking it was for cleaning carburetors. However, the manual recommends not using these caustic products made for external use, but to clean with a petroleum-based solvent. {Wait, didn’t I just suck a gallon of old gas out of the tank?} So, skimming the top of the old gas, I bathed and cleaned the carburetor clean. It would have been a real pain to clean all the little jets and valves and stuff, but my $15 rebuild kit came with all-new ones!IMG_6675

My ‘block’ of time was cut short, as I was notified my son would be coming for the weekend early. When we returned, I set him to work, vacuuming out the air box, battery box, etc. Then I gave him the new hand-brake lever to install all by himself.

IMG_6731He carried out his duties admirably while I finished re-assembling the carb. I had planned to start it that day, but we just ran out of time. Saturday, we had festivities planned (post to come) so we weren’t able to continue until late afternoon. With fresh supplies, I replaced the fuel filter, reserve fuel line segment, brushed the battery terminals clean, and installed the battery.

After a few hours of fussing (and some silicone spray) I was able to coax the carb back into tIMG_6734he rubbery prison it was freed from 2+ years ago. The moment of truth was at hand. At first, the engine wouldn’t sputter at all, then I remembered the new spark plug I had acquired, so I put that in. While the old one was very nasty, this yielded no change in results.

IMG_6744On further inspection, there was no fuel in the filter. After playing with the valve positions & sucking on the line, I was able to prime the system. Shortly thereafter, I had ignition!

It sputtered a bit at first, and started burning off some spilled liquids, and emitting some faint white smoke. I drove it a few yards into the driveway, testing forward & reverse, and letting it idle a while. In doing so, I noticed that the rear fender was rubbing on the tire, so I brought it back in for some body work.IMG_6740

First I tried a high-lift jack, which bent a little too easily. Next, I employed a local 2×4. I leveraged to try and straighten the rack. These things are tougher than they look, and I ended up snapping the lumber. However, a small improvement was made, and it no longer rubs. With that freed, I did a test ride around the block. It travels straight, speedometer works, as do the first 3 gears at least. Overall, in decent working order.

IMG_6742Next on the list was an oil change. To check the oil, there’s a little clear window you look through, to see the level. After wiping away the grime, however, not even my flash light could see into it. Pitch black. Either it’s out, or the oil is so black that the light isn’t penetrating it. Pulling the drain plug, I found it was the latter. My Quadrunner takes as much oil as a small car. Apparently, this isn’t uncommon…

While waiting for the oil to drain, I installed a new 2” ball on the back. While an unnecessary accessory, I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use into the future. I also changed the oil filter and tried tweaking & taking IMG_6745apart the console. This led be to investigate replacement parts for it.

  • Speedometer $280
  • Ignition $80
  • Plastic hood $58

Hmm, think I’ll fix it all myself, after all! (but that’s for another post)


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