Snow & Science

IMG_7819I haven’t been posting much lately because there hasn’t been much excitement to post about. With foul, snowy weather affecting the whole country, I’m sure many can sympathize with the reasons why. However, when the world is covered with a thick blanket of snow, life does go on. It is with this determination that I give you a peak at some things the kids and I do to keep ourselves sane.

IMG_7813Last weekend we were hit with a significant winter storm that dropped a bunch of snow all at once. While I’m fairly accustomed to these things, my relatives 400 miles away (and over 3,000 feet in elevation lower) were quite inconvenienced. (They will recognize certain relics of our past in these snowy pictures.) For some it was a hardship, while others enjoyed society coming to a complete halt without school or work to occupy their time.

Our biggest single downfall piled up about 8” as measured by the pile on my BBQ. However, I had drifts and piles up to 27” high or so. I broke out my 4×4 pickup and went to work anyway, without donning my chains. Having no respect for our parenting schedule, mother nature dropped it on a Friday night, cancelling the exchange for a weekend. I spent half the day shoveling my modest driveway. The highlight of this chore is the extra high, extra thick wall that ODOT deposits at the top! Sunday, I braved the roads and drove out to take my son to the new Lego Movie. (It’s great, by-the-way.)IMG_7833

By the following weekend, it had all melted and re-deposited fresh layers. In addition to board games, movies, & video games, we added a few more interior-based excitement, just to spice it up a bit. My daughter had given me a list of ingredients for a dinner she wished to cook. It was a chicken & alfredo-based pasta with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, & garlic. It was delicious, of course! This was all encouraged by my recent tactic of making them prepare their own lunches (within reason) and having them pitch in on dinner preparations. (They’ll have to pry breakfast from my cold, dead fingers…)IMG_7826

My son had brought his new little science kit, so we decided to try an experiment, too. According to directions, we were using the classic baking soda & vinegar combination to make big reaction. However, it was a new application that I hadn’t seen before. We did the mass reaction in the kitchen sink with the drain plugged. When the reaction was over, he blew bubbles over it. The layer of CO2 in the sink kept them floating ‘magically’ in mid air. This (once explained) was a great demonstration of density. We had to do it a second time, though. Apparently, my sink was too large for the initial amounts, which needed IMG_7831doubled. While this was spectacular, I am now out of both vinegar and baking soda Winking smile

While I’m grateful these past two weeks haven’t been as exciting as others’, I am certainly ready for the weather to change, so I can get into the woods some more.


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