Upgrade: Timbren Kit on my F150

IMG_8164We all know Ford’s F-150 is their entry-level truck. Often, they’re called “grocery getters” as 1/2 ton pickups can’t handle as much weight as a ‘real’ truck. Most of the time this isn’t necessary, but I have found my pickup squatting under a load of wood, or camper. While within limits, I wanted to beef up my pickup, so I installed a kit by Timbren.


You can’t get an “add a leaf” or other spring modification, so Timbren made replacements for the IMG_8168rubber overload bumpers with the FR1525HD kit. They’re rubber stops too, shaped like airbags. They are taller, so they kick in sooner, giving added support when under a heavy load.

The stock ones were a real “bear” to get off, as the nuts were caked in dirt, dust, and 13 years of other road grime. For anyone else contemplating installing this kit on their 2001 F150 (mine’s a 4×4 extended cab), it might be helpful to know that the stock nut is 15mm. That would have saved me a lot of time.

IMG_8167The kit comes with a 90 degree, thick steel plate to go on the top part of the frame. My theory is that this transfers weight, so that over time, it doesn’t start “taco’ing” the frame. Unfortunately (on the driver’s side) this is the perfect spot for Ford engineers to attach all the break lines. While not ideal, up to spec., or within warranty, I skipped that step. I really didn’t want to move or reattach all those lines.

IMG_8166After an hour or two, I now will have increased support after the first couple inches of load. This gap is about the width of the stock bumper. There’s an additional set of rubber spacers that came with the kit, but I didn’t elected not to install them.

While my camper sat okay on it, I figured a little utility trailer might be too much. I hope to take both camping this summer, so I can bring my 4-wheeler along. I am glad to have that project done, as summer is quickly approaching.

{Insert silly disclaimer here, about folks following this article, than blaming me for bad stuff. It’s not advice, just my story.}


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