Camper Demolition

IMG_8189What’s a guy to do, when the new camper has an open floor plan, and the old one is cramped? … Tear it up! While not done for the aesthetic desire, it certainly helped add some fun to the project.

After my check-up on our campground, I verified my camper was intact. With that, I decided to swap them. It has a fridge, solar hookups, and sealed windows, and my old one… doesn’t. If I’m to leave this one there, I might as well build to suit, right?IMG_8191

The plan is for it to serve as a guest-shack for my aunt. The problem is, the dinette won’t fit her air mattress, so it’s time for demolition. I started by removing all the accessories and amenities that might get in the way. This included some hangers, a curtain rod, and some corner flashing.

IMG_8196Next I removed the catalytic heater. It was the main reason for keeping it, and a valuable asset I wish to transfer to the new one. Four simple screws dislodged it, the trick was getting the copper tube out, so I could hook it up to a new source later.

Now the messy part was tearing out the wall to make room. Fortunately, time had been at work weakening things since 1968. The worst part was the paneling, which was glued and screwed in many places.

Behind the wall was a built-in dresser, taking up the extra 2 inches I required. It all had to go. A couple hours later, I had a nice pile of rubble and a more open floor plan. At the end I screwed in a 2×4 at the new length, to keep the air mattress in place. Enjoy the pics!


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