Vacation 2014 Part 2: Camp Setup

IMG_8683Ah, the trials and tribulations of the first days at camp… No worries, we made sure to have fun. Four wheelers unload fast!

Morning broke fresh & clear, with the smells of pine, juniper, oak, & dust. I put the kettle on and fixed up some coffee in my French press, to go with our oatmeal. Pulling in to the setting sun (around 9pm) we hadn’t time to unload the camper yet. Fortunately, the other was setup and waiting. This was easier to move into than to unpack the one on the truck.IMG_8685

Whilst the grownups were unpacking and setting up, someone was getting practice with their slingshot. We had to take a break to instruct on ‘proper’ technique.  After clearing the fire pit area from flammable debris and unloading my camper, focus shifted to our more basic needs and upgrading ‘the privy.’ Dinner consisted of fire-roasted hot dogs, garnished with potato salad.

IMG_8706While Aunt & Uncle went for a ride, I installed my battery into the camper. Last year it worked flawlessly, charging everyone’s devices and running lights all off solar power. Unfortunately, after wrangling all the wires, I had no power to the lights. Ugh, a problem for the daylight, I reasoned.IMG_8716

DAY TWO dawned bright and early. The plan today was to commence our supply run to Klamath Falls, starting with breakfast at the Black Bear Diner. It was delicious, but you pay for that feature. Their fresh-squeezed orange juice was particularly wonderful. Stomachs full, it was now safe to go shopping, gathering all our supplies for the upcoming week. While this was mostly food for me, my brother also made a stop to Home Depot for materials. Awaiting his return, I fired up my quad for some driving lessons. (Helmet WAS applied later.)

IMG_8735After filling my cooler with drinks, (necessities were in the fridge) I decided to relocate it. In doing so, my cooler swayed and I hurt my back. ARGH! Last year I severely sprained my ankle, hardly able to walk. I did NOT want to lay around useless this year, but that’s what I did the rest of the day. On a brighter note, my son hunted lizards, flew his balsa glider, and shot his BB gun.

Fortunately, my Mom and Aunt Susie showed up, heralding the arrival of games & other activities. Being the only kid, my son was lacking in that department. I grilled cheeseburgers for dinner, with coleslaw being contributed as well.IMG_8708

I was able to rectify the light situation by hooking up the ground (duh), which made bedtime much easier. Unfortunately, I had forgotten our campfire books, and had to read him my study manual for ham radio. While he said it was interesting, it nearly put us BOTH to sleep! I returned for my favorite part of camping: sitting around the fire just talking.

Another photo album, another post, coming right up!

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