Gingerbread & Sleigh Rides

IMG_0470Our much-anticipated day of festivities was not without it’s hiccups…

Occasionally, our church puts on a day of winter activities. We had showed up promptly at 9:50 AM, only to find that this year was not 10-2ish, but much later. IMG_0457

Disappointed in the wasted time and effort, I treated us to ‘foo-foo’ drinks at the local Espresso stand, Blue Banana. This was a big deal, due to the fact that I had only done so one other time in the 4 years since the separation. If you ever have time, stop by, their shop is really an experience to behold.

IMG_0479After driving home, having lunch, and coming back later, we were now on time to build gingerbread houses. It seems kids of all ages had troubles with the patience required to build such a masterpiece. I buzzed around, giving encouragement, and helping those less familiar with the process.

On top of some classic holiday movies, one other activity helped kids to wait as the frosting set up, wagon rides. There’s a local couple that has trained their team of horses to drive a feed wagon around town. They’re very friendly, and we all sang carols as we rode.


IMG_0511After a ride, we’d eagerly return to the warmth of the church basement to work on the houses. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by children’s ingenuity. Each house was uniquely decorated with it’s own style, and features the owners were proud of. IMG_0521I even got to decorate and devour a gingerbread tree of my own.

The gingerbread & icings are home-made by a dedicated individual who did an even better job this year. Proof of which can be found in the fact that my kids devoured their houses within 48 hours, instead of just admiring them.

Definitely gonna have to make this a tradition at my house…


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