Fun Guys searching for fungi…

IMG_0188When a friend offered us access to their ‘secret spot’ in exchange for company, we just had to go mushroom hunting.

It was a day after my son’s epic paintball party, he still had one friend hanging about. Following a morning of chores for me (& lazy stimulation for them) we were all ready for an activity outdoors. This offer was just what we needed. I just happened to have the camper still loaded, so I coordinated some supplies, and followed them out to their privileged place.IMG_0193

They too had kids in tow, so having another adult around was pivotal to our safety in such an endeavor. While slow at first, our finds picked up in number and intensity. I also found many other varieties we didn’t touch. At times, it was all I could manage to track 4 mobile children, all our bearing on landmarks/vehicles/etc. and try to search for morels myself! Adult conversation consisted of things like:IMG_0204

  • “I’ll head them off!”
  • “Do you have a bandaid?”
  • “Can you see them?”
  • “I got ‘em!”IMG_0211

Eventually, we called the hunt quits, and started gathering resources for a fire. A ring was improvised of rocks, and debris cleared for an impromptu pit. After a bit of debate, I determined that whichever of the two oldest boys could ignite their tinder bundle first (using flint & steel) would get to use it to light our fire. Many minutes of effort passed while the adults exchanged patient, frustrating glances. Finally, I lent some aide in the form of char-cloth. (Char-cloth is a piece of fabric that’s been turned to near ash by gasification.) This took sparks immediately, which the boys blew into healthy embers. My son lit his first, and was able to start our fire.

IMG_0239With a steady breeze, we kept the fire low, burning mostly smaller forms of fuel. We roasted sausage dogs to go with our snacks, and topped it off with smores. It was, for all intents and purposes, a near IMG_0251perfect afternoon.

Thanks for reading!



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