Camp-cation 2015–Part 1

IMG_0566Ah, summer vacation, the week I think about all year long. I had conspired with my brother in Texas almost weekly and had plans, as usual. While some deviation is to be expected, I was not prepared for what I could only describe as, “a series of unfortunate events.”

It all started the week before the trip. I was timing certain tasks so that the grass was cut and well-watered before I left. I prepared a frozen casserole dish, as the night of arrival is always hectic. I only had a few things to do after work that week, but then I got sick. I won’t bore you with the icky details, but I spent the week on the couch, and had to delay my departure.IMG_0555

On the mend, I picked the kids up Friday night, and left on Saturday for the Camp Sherman area on the Metolius river near Sisters, Oregon. However, my newly acquired pickup did not like the camper & trailer, and would overheat on the longer hill climbs, forcing me to take breaks and/or crawl up the hill at <20 mph. We took it in stride, and used the opportunities to enjoy the woods, walk the dog, etc.

IMG_0665Arriving a day late, my younger brother had already paid my fees, and we shared a site next to my older brother, and his kids. Bubbling out of the ground, the Metolius river is an oasis in an otherwise hot & dry area. My kids enjoyed having cousins around, and food and games were shared. I attempted to enjoy one of the easy-going trails along the river, but was quickly reminded that I wasn’t 100% well yet. IMG_0705

Sunday came, and the crew visited the head waters together, before us “newbies” went to see the fish hatchery. Apparently, the ducks are just as interested in food as the fish! Uncle treated us to ice cream before returning to camp. Next we just ‘had to’ test the water. I was told it was a memorable cold, but that’s an understatement. We all fully submerged ourselves as a self-inflicted rite of passage.

IMG_0757That night, my big brother whipped up spaghetti for the group, and we stayed up playing a new card game, “Bang.” This was a blast, and I picked up quite a few new ideas from him, on how to camp with a larger group. I made a special breakfast in the morning, and we hung out until lunch before continuing on to our next destination, Klamath Falls…

(Please note: I went easier on pictures with others, to improve privacy. If you’re family, and would like more, or less, please let me know.)


One response to “Camp-cation 2015–Part 1

  1. Boy you are all over it this year! You are amazing. Stephanie

    Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try

    Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 02:53:30 +0000 To:

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