Camp-cation 2015–Part 3

IMG_0769After sleeping off the previous day’s frustration, I wasn’t in the mood to travel. Tuesday was the day my Mom and Aunt were to arrive, so the priority was setting up camp.

Before my brother made the supply run, he gave his old tent to us, which my daughter immediately colonized. She had said not to bring mine, but as a teenager she soon found appeal in having her own space. I let her younger brother help set it up. It was entertaining, and helped them practice communication, patience, problem solving, and how hold back from murdering each other… I eventually gave some instruction, and helped her find a better location.IMG_0780

As many other campers can relate, there’s a lot of “little things” to setting up a group camp.

In our case, this included:IMG_0779

  • canopies over the tables
  • outdoor kitchen/stove
  • (this year, we added a communal refrigerator!)
  • solar lights
  • empty fire pit, line with rocks
  • unpack, etc.

IMG_0787Our guests arrived after our quick lunch of PB&J and (thanks to previous efforts) getting them squared away was a cinch. That evening, I took my boy for a ride on the quad, and we got to sample that chicken quesadilla casserole, which subsequently vanished. We got to try a new board game, and enjoy a fire before turning in.IMG_0796

Wednesday broke with the promise & smells of bacon! My mom used the griddle on the BBQ, as the hose for the stove was taken to use on the fridge. It worked well, and her pancakes were delicious. We sat around playing games, as we were expecting a special delivery.

IMG_0834Slightly before lunch, our Uncle arrived with truck, trailer, & tractor to deliver some family heirlooms. He put his auger to task and eventually had some some success busting up the rocky terrain for us too.


Having seen the place, and being the first one to get a long trailer past our zig-zag trap of an easement, my Aunt & Uncle bade farewell. We spent the evening riding the quad, playing games, and I grilled burgers for dinner. With “Liar’s Dice” and fire-roasted desserts, it was a truly productive day.

We all went to bed at a decent hour, with plans for an early departure for the next day’s adventure, so stay tuned, and enjoy the pictures!

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